TheHomeMag Offers Free Video Course on Effective Marketing Strategies

Charlotte, NC – Nov 3, 2020 – The key to a more prosperous 2021 begins now with a comprehensive marketing plan. Phil Danz, marketing consultant for TheHomeMag, announced that the magazine is offering a free video training course, “How to Attract a Flood of Customers,” that can be accessed online.

“The segments are Finding Your Ideal Clients, Getting Leads with Direct Mail, Converting Leads to Appointments, Converting Appointments to Sales, and Turbo-Charging Your Referrals,” said Danz.

The instructor for TheHomeMag video is Tommy Mello, owner of one of the top home service businesses in the country. During the five-part course, individuals will learn how to locate the ideal customer and identify the lifetime value of that consumer. The video explains the concept of cost of customer acquisition (COCA), how to calculate an acceptable amount, and attract new customers through direct mail marketing.

Business owners will learn strategies Mello utilizes himself to convert more than 80 percent of his leads into appointments and how he converts those appointments into actual sales. Referrals are also an essential element in obtaining new clients and individuals will discover how to employ those strategies for themselves to generate a superior rate of referrals.

Every enterprise has a target demographic, but many business owners either don’t know how to identify their ideal target market or how to deliver their personal message into the right hands. Marketing can be an expensive and time-consuming task. The average business should be spending approximately 5 percent of their total revenues on marketing. If they want to grow and gain a larger market share, that amount increases to 10 percent.

Simply throwing money at marketing isn’t enough – it has to be spent strategically. The free online video course “How to Attract a Flood of Customers” by TheHomeMag shows individuals how to make the most out of their marketing dollars. Business owners will discover the strategies they need to plan for and employ to grow and prosper in 2021.

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Phil Danz, an innovative sales and marketing professional for over 30 years, has been improving the profitability of home improvement, home service and home décor businesses for the last 10 years as a marketing consultant with TheHomeMag. TheHomeMag is America’s largest home improvement-targeted direct mail product (magazine, envelope, or other), mailing to 9,000,000 homes annually in 27 states. Today, TheHomeMag is a collection of 60 corporately and franchise owned publications collectively mailing more than 140,000,000 magazines and cards, all producing their local edition of TheHomeMag with the same customer experience mission: to clear the path to make it easy for our skilled and committed advertisers to work with us and to work for our homeowner audience.

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