Wabbi Accepted into Microsoft for Startups

Partnering to Enable Enterprises to Adopt Secure DevOps for Competitive Advantage!

Boston – December 24, 2020 – Wabbi announced today that they have been admitted to the Microsoft for Startups program, which partners with leading B2B startups to help successfully scale their companies through a streamlined path to selling alongside Microsoft and with their global partner ecosystem.

“Becoming more tightly integrated into the Azure ecosystem through Microsoft for Startups will ensure we continually meet the demands of the best-performing DevOps teams,” said Brittany Greenfield, CEO & Founder of Wabbi. “As 60% of agile teams will embed security into their processes by the end of 2021 – up from just 20% in 2019 – the need for security to be built into their infrastructure is critical to ensure they capture the full benefits of DevOps, and are not slowed by manual Application Security processes creating bottlenecks.”

Wabbi, which was named by CIOReview as one of the Most Promising DevOps Solutions of 2020, has pioneered Secure DevOps (SecDevOps) orchestration for modern development practices by integrating Application Security processes at every step of the SDLC. This enables Development teams to manage security as part of their existing workflows through project-level application security guidance and governance.

Wabbi’s most recent release of their Symphony platform, v1.1.7, features extended integrations across Azure DevOps. Starting with Boards, Wabbi assigns project-specific security profiles, to set security quality gates and prioritize vulnerabilities in the backlog for remediation based on the security concerns for that project.  Developers are informed of relevant policies and controls in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and can provide attestation without leaving their environment. Ultimately, Wabbi automates security approvals into Pipelines before deployment and continues to monitor ongoing AppSec health. Notifications can be pushed to Teams to make sure stakeholders take action quickly.

Greenfield explained, “Like Wabbi customers, Azure DevOps customers know that embedding security is not just about reducing cyber-risk, but overall project delivery risk. We’re excited to have a great partner like Microsoft to empower more enterprises with SecDevOps to accelerate time-to-market and improve developer productivity.”

About Wabbi

Wabbi’s SecDevOps Orchestration Platform makes your code as secure as your policies. Recognized by CIOReview as one of the Most Promising DevOps Solutions of 2020 for enabling enterprises to deliver Application Security into the modern software development pipeline, Wabbi derisks project delivery to improve developer productivity while reducing the attack surface. From mid-market to Fortune 500 enterprises, Wabbi consistently deploys and governs AppSec in existing software development processes.

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