A Break-through Body Contouring Technology Comes to North Dallas at Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center

Plano, TX – January 25, 2019 – Dr. Rosemary Bates, owner of the Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center, understands the frustration of fitness programs that don’t address stubborn fat pockets and fail to firm the desired areas. Bates is remedying that with the revolutionary new Emsculpt® technology by BTL, a gentle, non-surgical body contouring breakthrough. It is the only body contouring machine that builds muscles.

Emsculpt® provides fast results and is appropriate for multiple areas of the body. It breaks down fat cells to reduce overall fatty deposits and builds muscle for a more sculpted physique. A variety of factors influence fat deposits, from the number of fat cells and genetics to age and hormones. The Emsculpt® contouring system overrides those variables to create a toned and muscled body with absolutely no down time.

The treatment utilizes focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy during each 30-minute session that stimulates thousands of muscle contractions within the area being treated. Emsculpt® body contouring achieves what long hours in the gym can’t accomplish. It’s the equivalent of up to 20,000 crunches or 1,000 squats, without the need for exhausting workouts.

Individuals have seen up to a 19% decrease in fat and up to a 16% increase in musclefollowing four sessions. Based on sound scientific research and extensive trials, it’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used on the derriere and abdomen, and it’s equally effective for the arms, chest, stomach and thighs.

Emsculpt® has been lauded as an effective, non-surgical butt lift and provides quicker results on all areas of the body than other methods. The new treatment provides an easy way to lose belly fat, tighten the glutes, and lose the “saddlebags” on thighs. Individuals are encouraged to eat healthy and adhere to their normal workout regime in addition to Emsculpt®.

The treatments provide an entirely new approach for health-conscious men and women that want to lose a few pounds of body fat and obtain more body definition. It’s not appropriate for women that are pregnant or individuals that have developed a substantial amount of abdominal fat. The treatments will boost confidence, produce a more pleasing silhouette, and garments will fit better.

Sometimes employing a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough to lift the butt, attain six-pack abs, lose stubborn body fat around the midsection, or achieve better body definition. Emsculpt® at Bates Wellness and Aesthetic Center is helping people succeed where traditional methods fail by destroying fat cells and providing muscles with an intensive workout without any of the physical effort.

For more information, visit: https://drbateswellness.com/sulpture-your-body

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