AAROMI: Introducing Blockchain and AI to SEMICON Recruitment

A first of its kind global platform that brings supply & demand together by democratizing data with the intent of digitizing operational activities. Aaromi’s recruitment application is powered by next gen AI and blockchain technology structuring the recruitment process fully automated.

16 March, 2022 – St. Vincent – AAROMI LLC, an organization that specializes in recruitment and placement services in the Semiconductor domain, is now looking to make its headway into democratizing the data collected for decision making. 

What is the problem AAROMI is trying to solve?

The increased collection of operational data and its processing requires powerful computing technology i.e. the hardware and the software. The domain that sits at the helm of such affairs is the long standing and evergreen “Semiconductor” or the “SEMICON” Industry, operating at its peak efficiency without being hampered by hygiene issues. 

When it comes to the Semiconductor Industry, the talent pool is limited, on one hand. And, On the other hand, the number of SEMICON organizations is small in comparison to its other counterparts. As a result, important positions in large SEMICON organizations remain vacant for an extended period of time – having direct effects on the organization’s efficiency and performance.

AAROMI’s Solution

AAROMI started as a managed services organization in May 2021, recruiting resources for key positions of Global Organizations. Today the service lines have grown beyond just recruitment and has spread its wings in the following lines of business: Staffing, learning and development, other people functions operations. 

However, a real value creation to all stakeholders (investors/team/customers) can be achieved when the aforementioned service lines and offerings cater to an exponential growth to the top- and bottom-lines. Meaning, the digital way forward! 

A platform that can:

  • Attract and onboard SEMICON professionals and the customers
  • Have collaboration capabilities to discuss topics and opportunities
  • Act as a job posting/search portal for both organization and candidates
  • Have the ability to match opportunities with desired talent through AI
  • Have capabilities to learn market trends and make predictions

Plus, for completeness and global market coverage, the same method of solution will be replicated later in the Wireless and IT industries.

Where does AAROMI stand today? 

AAROMI has begun building its supply database, i.e., a database of professionals and players in the SEMICON industry, with the understanding that the problem at hand is a supply-demand challenge. The organization will be intended to execute marketing campaigns to attract candidate profiles, as well as build an intelligent platform to connect those profiles with the opportunities.

Headway into Blockchain adoption and AI

AAROMI would like every stakeholder of its business to be the beneficiary of the value created. Therefore, all transactions across every corner of the platform will happen via the exchange of AAROMI tokens or the ARMs, like:

  • SEMICON profile onboarding
  • Customer signups
  • Job postings and application process
  • L&D products and services purchase
  • Premium services – job posting, profile verification, payroll service etc.

All attributes of each profile will be standardized and stored in blockchain technology as a unique token. These tokens will be centrally verified and will be fed into our state-of-the-art AI engine for Trend Analysis and SMART Matching. This helps stakeholders of our platform make informed decisions.

What next?

Having done a successful private sale within the 200K+ community, The ICO is planned for 17th March, 2022 on AAROMI’s ICO application. Followed by IEO on Zenith Exchange in Q2 and Exchange Listings later on. 


Website – https://www.aaromi.co/

Whitepaper – https://www.aaromi.co/whitepaper.pdf   

Product Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9ZHokwDtNY  

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AaromiOfficial  

Telegram – https://t.me/AaromiOfficial  

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/Aaromiofficial

Discord – https://discord.gg/YZsT2TQh9g

Media Contact
Company Name: AAROMI LLC
Contact Person: Darshan S
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Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Website: https://www.aaromi.co/