An Exclusive Interview with Linda Jones, Team-Lead Manager of Business Globe Awards

Business Globe Awards (BGA) is a digital marketing agency that evaluates small to midsize businesses and issues business awards to those who have demonstrated consumer forward practices and then promotes those companies further through a variety of methods free of charge. As an online marketing company, different custom-tailored digital exposures can be purchased after the award-winning announcement has been made but it is not subject to the actual evaluation and award process. The company is owned by one person and the 5 panelists who serve on our board as our jury members to determine the ultimate winners in each category are part of the company’s revenue-sharing model.

How does Business Globe Awards help small businesses and medium-sized corporations?

We are working towards becoming a new standard and the directive is to help the small businesses who can’t necessarily afford a marketing budget to be advertised everywhere. BGA understands that those small businesses who work hard every day to make their customers happy, that their efforts need to be acknowledged and represented better.

Every review counts and one negative feedback can have a detrimental effect on your reputation and your bottom line: finances. You never know how many potential new customers you lose due to that. The good news is barely news nowadays and bad news travels fast in today’s world. BGA was partly formed to emphasize on businesses’ success, help small businesses gain better exposure and to issue awards for their excellence.

How do you award businesses for their excellence, what is the process?

Satisfied customers of businesses and self-nominations from the companies are taken on our website. Once done, we contact the business and let them know that we have received a nomination and if they desire to voluntarily participate a form is provided to them to fill out. Then our Tier 1 support gathers some background information on that business, prepares a report, submits it to our panel of jury for a vote and we notify the businesses about their decision via email.

What is the benefit of being awarded a title by Business Globe Awards and where do you see the biggest impact?

Winning the Business Globe Awards allows every small to midsize business owner to demonstrate its strength in their “excellence through customer satisfaction” as our motto states.

We provide our winners free marketing tools and enables them to gain additional exposure for absolutely nothing in return. Should businesses decide to use any of our additional paid services, that is completely up to them.

Imagine you find more than one business for the same job that has comparable reviews and pricing. How do you decide?

By being able to tell their potential customers that a business is the winner of an award due to customer satisfaction and the competitor does not have such thing, it will give customers that push they need to decide more easily on the business they desire to work with because they know that they have been evaluated and issued an award for their excellence by an independent organization.

I am sure most business owners want to know what “FREE marketing tools” you offer to businesses. Can you tell me more about it?

Yes, absolutely! Once a business wins any of our awards, said business will be listed in our directory as the winner of such title that can be later verified on our website by potential customers. These businesses will be announced through our series of press releases that will be published on most TV channels’ news sites. Furthermore, select businesses will be chosen to do an introduction on our blog where they can publish their own story and tell our readers about their journey of how they got to where they are now. Everybody loves to hear an inspirational success story! We have a few additional surprises but I would prefer to keep it to the select ones.

Where do you see the future of Business Globe Awards?

Expansion and making a statement on a global scale. The directive from our owner is to establish a brand name that is recognized worldwide and to serve as a new standard to businesses and consumers alike when it comes to evaluations and issuing awards to those who deserve them.