Art Digital Infuses Luxury Metal Artwork with Timeless Beauty and Grace

Nov 4, 2020 – Art encompasses a wide range of forms, from prototyping and 3D design to sculpting and mold making. Art Digital, founded by Marina Lazarova, is taking relief art to an entirely new level of custom art production. The company’s chief artist and production manager, Dinko Dinev, has extensive experience in multiple disciplines and working with metals for a wide variety of needs.

A private label art studio, Art Digital utilizes modern and time-honored techniques to produce intricate, highly-detailed custom works for uses that includes award ceremonies, advertising, commemorative purposes, and personal collections. The company is skilled in a multitude of metals, along with jewelry casting that enables designers to expand their reach. The knowledgeable artisans at Art Digital work closely with clients to chose the right casting method for their individual requirements.

The company provides product prototyping for creating models of virtually any figure desired ranging from animals and goblets to historical reproductions. Two to three objects will be created for client inspection to ensure quality is maintained. Art Digital can then create in any quantity desired. The artisans can also construct custom molds of rubber, silicone or another material of choice, enabling individuals to create their own products.

Crafting a luxury piece of art is a complicated process. To guarantee that every detail is correct, 3D Design plays an important role. Art Digital utilizes ZBrush, the most advanced sculpting software program available. The award-winning modeling software enables Art Digital to sculpt metal in the same was as clay to create high-resolution artwork. Syphon casting and electrotyping is also available, along with spin casting that works especially well for metal miniatures.

For those that require small-scale castings such as jewelry or replicas of an existing piece, Art Digital utilizes the lost wax casting method allowing precision objects to be cast and the most intricate of metal works to be fashioned. Cold casting is a newer technique available that mixes metal and a powder resin. The finished product has the appearance of solid metal.

Art Digital works closely with each client to ensure their vision comes to life under the skillful hands of experienced artisans. The company has experience across a variety of industries, creating handcrafted statues, figures, relief art and private label jewelry.

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About Art Digital

We utilize all the latest technologies for creating perfect sculptures that meet and exceed the highest standards for casted artwork. Whether you want a figurine, a replica of historic significance, or something as simple as a unique goblet or cup – we can handle it. We offer a wide variety of materials – from brass and bronze to silver and gold, and anything in between. We use the time-honored “lost wax” casting method, as well as modern casting methods such as “spin” casting, “syphon” casting, polyurethane casting, as well as 3D printing. It all depends on your desired effect.

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