New natural mood support supplement allows people to get HTPPY and feel AMAZD

[London, UK, October 14, 2020] – An innovative start up specialising in natural supplementation for mood and cognition support believe they’ve found a cure to the winter blues many of us experience as the nights grow longer.

HTPPY’s unique formula combines plant-sourced, high strength 5-HTP with amino acids, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D for natural mood support.

5-HTP is derived from a plant called Griffonia. It is the precursor to serotonin – your brain’s happy molecule. Serotonin regulates mood, anxiety, sleep and appetite. Because of this, it has been called ‘nature’s prozac’. 5-HTP is used extensively in Europe to alleviate temporary low mood.

However, supplementing with 5-HTP alone comes with risk. When you choose a supplement containing only 5-HTP you risk dysregulation of other neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation. In other words, you may produce one important feel-good molecule (serotonin) at the expense of another (dopamine). You risk becoming out of balance.

HTPPY addresses this concern by providing both 5-HTP AND L-Tyrosine (the building block of dopamine) at precise ratios for balanced mood support.

They then add vital vitamins, minerals and aminos for round-the-clock proven mood support. They call their unique formula AMAZD.

The AMAZD formula includes the amino acids L-Tyrosine (the precursor to dopamine) and L-Theanine (to promote calming GABA production) alongside the well-researched mood boosters magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D.

HTPPY’s formulation team carefully selected each ingredient after reviewing a wealth of research evidence on the impact of supplementation on natural mood support and normal cognition. Their website cites over 20 highly respected clinical studies which attest to the efficacy of HTPPY’s ingredients.

Gavin Pearson, CEO of HTPPY, said:

“Globally, we are in a low mood and anxiety crisis. Things are always tough at this time of year. Coupled with what is happening in the world: coronavirus, economic downturns, election concerns –  it feels extra heavy.

“HTPPY customers tell us that our unique, natural product helps to lighten the load – all without the risk of addiction and habit formation associated with other mood suppports. It’s the little lift we all require on occasion. No wonder that more and more people are choosing to get HTPPY”

HTPPY is available to the public now.  Each capsule of HTPPY is guaranteed to be made in the UK. It can be purchased exclusively through the website



HTPPY is a supplements company dedicated to providing natural mood support.

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