BEL Signs MoU with Inery To Fortify Security and Data Management

Inery, a decentralized data system firm, has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with BEL, Navratna PSUs Bharat Electronics Limited, to scale and influence the progress of data security, privacy, and management in electronics systems and all tech in India. The collaboration is intended to leverage the combined strengths and capabilities of both Inery and BEL to streamline and secure operations within the electronics, IT industries and defense facilities.

With the increase in advanced persistent threats and security breaches in critical government infrastructures globally due to centralized networks, there is a growing need for a decentralized data system. The need for a decentralized database in India is also driven by the nation’s defense infrastructure, which needs to handle sensitive and confidential military and government information.

BEL is tasked to design, develop, and manufacture products that serve the Indian government, while extending its services to the entire world. The Bengaluru-headquartered firm is well-versed in diverse and critical fields, including electronic voting machines, traffic signals, radars, semiconductors, fire control systems, electronic warfare systems, IT, telecommunications, sound and vision broadcasting, and more. BEL operates about nine factories with several foreign and regional offices. It has subsidiaries and joint ventures like BEL Optronic Devices LTD, BEL Thales LTD, and GE-BE Pvt LTD. All these put pressure on how BEL manages all its data.

Dr. Naveen Singh, Founder and CEO of Inery, asserted, “Our combined knowledge and experience will help the Indian government to meet its ever-evolving needs for data security, interoperability, true traceability, performance, and privacy. We are excited about the opportunities this will provide in our quest to decentralize data management. We have a lot to learn from BEL and to bring them knowledge about blockchain technologies.”

Inery will enable data sharing and communication across different departments in BEL, eliminating the possibility of data silos and clogs to allow the company to scale even further, using its interoperability capability. Inery’s unrivalled security and privacy will give BEL an advantage to share data with other companies and industries, especially within India’s PSUs, at high speed without risking exposure to proprietary information to foreign hackers.

The collaboration is a boost to achieving BEL’s vision of a self-reliant India and strengthening Inery’s use cases in governments and the defense and electronics sector. Since BEL handles the PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) technical part of the Indian government, IneryDB’s value contracts come into play to offer a permissioned layer to manage its integral data by making it decentralized and resilient to hacks. This means that only BEL and those with predetermined permissions can access, modify, or add data.

About BEL

BEL is an Indian state-owned multi-technology, multi-product, and multi-Unit conglomerate producing over 350 products in the field of Missile Systems, Military Communications, Radars, Naval Systems, C4I Systems, Tank Electronics & Gun/Weapon System Upgrades, and more. It also addresses the non-defense product demand by offering high-quality products and services, including serving the paramilitary forces, the Election Commission of India, public/private sector organizations, and state governments & affiliated bodies, among others. It offers services like Secure Communication Equipment, Night Vision Devices, jammers, Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail, etc., to this market. 

The CMMI Level 5, ISO 27001-203 (ISMS) certified electronics firm is set apart by its dedication to having a technological edge and staying at the top of strategic electronics. Hence, it also pursues business opportunities in Homeland Security, safe/smart cities, rail, space and medical electronics, solar energy, telecom, smart cards, cybersecurity, and software. 

About Inery:

Inery is a decentralized data management solutions firm. It integrates blockchain functionalities like security, owner-controlled data assets, and immutability to offer users high throughput, complex query functions, and low network latency. It is designed to provide high scalability, unrivaled transaction speed, key infrastructure solutions, and an interface for developers to deploy their dApps. Its high throughput, speed, and scalability capabilities enable Inery to have several use cases in different sectors.

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