Best Parenting Books Series Aids in Raising Children to be Confident Adults

Jan 29, 2021 – Children don’t come with an owner’s manual and dealing with the many issues associated with youngsters leave many parents feeling lost. Frank Dixon, parenting and child development specialist, is demystifying child rearing with his “Best Parenting Books” series to assist parents in raising happy, healthy, confident, and well-adjusted offspring.

The author’s “Best Parenting Books” provide critical insights for first-time and experienced parents. The books are a helpful resource that addresses a wide range of subject matter. Dixon writes in a straightforward manner with easy-to-understand concepts and tips that parents can immediately begin to use to produce successful adults that thrive.

The series encompasses an extensive range of topics for children of all ages encompassing strategies for toddlers from potty training to preschool, countering negative thoughts, and building confidence. Readers can choose books on child behavior, understanding and communicating with teens, and fostering friendship for healthy relationships. Dixon’s expertise also extends to addressing child anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, youngsters with ADHD, and foster children.

There are over a dozen books in the “Best Parenting Books” collection and they’re available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats. They can be found on Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and other outlets. Individuals can sign up to receive Dixon’s newsletter and download his free eBook, “Learn the Top 10 Parenting Skills to Raising Extraordinary Kids.”

Parents don’t have to wait until they experience a problem with their child to benefit from the author’s advice. Today’s families and structures are much different than they have been in the past and Dixon takes this into account. Dixon’s books help parents on their journey to raising children that are well-balanced adults that have learned self-control and social skills they need to succeed in life.

The “Best Parenting Books” series provide parents and caregivers with a resource they’ll reference many times. The books are a source of sage parenting advice, strategies and techniques that will benefit parents, grandparents, caregivers and other family members in raising children that are strong, resilient, confident and successful adults.

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About Frank Dixon

After facing many obstacles and challenges during his own childhood, Frank Dixon dedicated his career to helping parents raise children that are happy and healthy. The author utilizes the same methods, techniques and strategies in his “Best Parenting Books” series as he did as a parenting and child development specialist during one-on-one sessions.

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