Blomfield Mx Ranch To Unveil New 50 Acres Motocross Training Facility This August

July 11, 2017 – Palestine, TX, USA – Blomfield MX Ranch, the group aimed at promoting and protecting the spirit of motocross racing, today announced the upcoming official launch of its new Motocross Training Facility at Palestine, Texas. Sitting on 50 acres with multiple tracks, gym, shop, housing and more, the facility is set to debut late August, 2017.

The Blomfield MX Ranch will offer training all throughout the year with weekly, monthly and yearly training options. These training sessions are inclusive of On-Bike Training, Off-Bike Training and Housing. All their trainers are certified in personal training, CPR, and first aid. The ranch has over five tracks and a natural spring fed pond. Moreover, some of the additional key features of the facility are; Multiple Tracks, RV Hookups, Fitness Gym and a Bike Shop.

According to company’s spokesperson, Jacob Blomfield: “Our goal is to help riders from all ages and skill levels through the right training to become the best all around rider they can be. Be prepared for the nationals. We offer everything that a motocross racer needs to make it to the top of the sport. We will train riders Monday through Friday on AND off the bike.”

Those who are looking to prepare for an upcoming race or national, then Blomfield MX Ranch is the place to be!

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About Blomfield MX Ranch

Founded by Jacob Blomfield, Blomfield MX Ranch is a state-of-art motocross training facility. After years of planning, design and construction, the facility is now all set for a launch this August. Blomfield MX Ranch is committed towards developing a modern motocross training facility with unsurpassed amenities that can help grow the sport, and build the next generation of professional motocross racers.