CareLink360 Releases Research Brief – The Impact of Caregiver Support on Positive Patient Health Outcomes

Supporting Caregivers for Improved Health Outcomes: A Call to Innovate and Collaborate.

Flemington, NJ – April 23, 2024 – CareLink360 today announced the release of a research brief which highlights that Caregivers are integral to the well-being of patients, yet without proper resources and support, their vital role can become overwhelming. The CareLink360 brief reveals that when caregivers lack assistance, they experience feelings of despair, anxiety, and helplessness, directly impacting both their own health and that of the care recipient.

Authored by esteemed CareLink360 advisory board member, Dr. Paolo Narciso, this research brief delves into the critical significance of family caregivers in healthcare outcomes. Dr. Narciso examines the challenges faced when caregivers are under supported, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions.

By outlining effective interventions, this research brief offers a roadmap to improve caregivers’ quality of life, consequently enhancing patient care. Join us in our mission to innovate and collaborate, forging a healthcare ecosystem that supports caregivers and ensures better outcomes for all involved.

“Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the healthcare system, providing crucial support to individuals with various chronic, terminal, or rare health conditions. From assisting with daily activities to managing complex medical needs, caregivers play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of care recipients, However, the demands of caregiving can take a significant toll on the physical, emotional, and mental health of caregivers themselves. As healthcare leaders, it is our responsibility to recognize the value of supporting caregiver well-being and to prioritize initiatives that promote better health outcomes for both caregivers and care recipients.” Stated Dr. Narciso.

“From Caregiver health and well-being assessment, to providing caregivers and care recipients support, CareLink360 is investing in and innovating leading digital health solutions.  Through our AI enhanced technologies, and strategic partnerships, we have built an ecosystem that generates and utilizes leading health indicators that drive our Dynamic Care Plan at each phase of the patient and caregiver journey. Together with our industry partners, CareLink360 is Changing The Way The World Ages™ through improved outcomes, reduced costs, seamless support, and accelerated innovation”. Stated David DuPlay, CareLink360 Chairman & CEO.

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About Paolo Narciso, Ph.D.

Paolo Narciso is a social entrepreneur and accomplished leader renowned for driving transformative change in non-profit and technology sectors. Former VP of New Product Development and Program Optimization at AARP Foundation, he spearheaded solutions addressing social isolation among low-income older adults, including the award-winning Alcove virtual reality app. Paolo also pioneered voice-enabled technology and AI solutions to enhance income, housing, and food security for vulnerable populations. As the co-founder of CloudHealth Asia, he provided primary care access to underserved Southeast Asian populations. A serial tech entrepreneur, Paolo has led multiple startups to successful exits and authored books on applying technology for social good. He earned his Doctorate from Creighton University in 2016.Media Contact
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