CNN Money Report: 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck

Castro Valley, CA – 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck because they don’t know how to use their mindpower. Our western culture teaches us to buy materialism in order to feel better rather than invest in self-development. But science shows that buying immediate gratification like a car etc., will give you just a very temporary satisfaction and you always live with a feeling of scarcity. Also, many believe that this is their only way of living and that they are just unlucky. They stay at their comfort zone and afraid to breakthrough, and to know they deserve more. They aren’t confident enough in their essence, so they try to impress with outward symbols.

But what if they invest to re-program their mind.

According to Naomi Bareket and Rami Bareket, the problem is that people have programmed limiting beliefs and think things will never change—or they are afraid of a change. They also have money shame. Rather than have a mindset of abundance they keep creating a mindset of scarcity.

They don’t have clarity of who they are, what they want, what is their objectives, have a hard time with self-control, don’t fulfill their potential, procrastinate, and staying in their comfort zone.

When you have no clarity of your long-term objectives and your spiritual purpose, you are overwhelmed by others stimulus by other people agenda, rather than compare yourself to what your best version can be you are comparing yourself to others expectation from you. But know it is how you were programmed…

They are in a loop, they constantly create scarcity as a pain to motivate them continue working for the next paycheck.

Barekets say “You must believe that change is possible and that you can break the cycle. Your behavior and results will reflect by your beliefs”.

In order to leverage your business and life you need to DEEP SEE into your motivator factors, then to free yourself from internal conflicts, aligning your business and life to be congruent with your vision and values and finally to set your MIND POWER into SUCCESS: effectively and consistently achieve a career and personal fulfillment.

The Barekets are co-founders of NeuroSUCCESSology™ Life Transformation Academy, NSA Speakers, they run breakthrough classes and help you reclaim your passion, motivation and enthusiasm so you have clarity of your best version and manifest abundance in your life and business. They are authors of empowering books and the creators of Mind Power into Success.

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