Fantastic New Meat Injection Kit From Prestige Grills To Take Cooking To New Levels

August 16, 2018 – An exciting new quality meat injector kit has just been released by Prestige Grills. If you are into cooking and want to spice up and add awesome flavor to your food, then this kit does all that and more. And its not just a meat injector, but also includes thick silicone heat resistant BBQ gloves to handle all those hot items and a handy meat thermometer so you will never overcook your meat again.

If you love to cook and BBQ, then chances are you will probably already know about injecting your meats for full flavor enhancement. This newly released meat injector and bundled add on products is aimed squarely at people who love to BBQ and roast and who know the benefits flavor injected meat offers.

The main item of this new set is a quality heavy duty meat injector made from high grade 304 stainless steel with an ample 2 oz capacity. Use it both on meats and vegetables with various flavor enhancing marinades which will subject the food to a total taste makeover.

Best part is, it is so easy to use. Cooks simply create their ideal marinade in a bowl and then use the injector’s syringe to draw the fluids up into the barrel body. Then its just a matter of simply injecting the meats at various points with the marinade. In this way, flavor enhancing marinades embody themselves within the meat permeating marinade flavor throughout the food as it cooks.

Use the handy silicone gloves to handle all hot items typically associated when barbecuing foods. The three items all bundled tougher as one kit – injector, gloves and thermometer – makes this product a truly memorable offer. What a perfect gift pack this will be for someone. Unlike most other meat injectors packages on the market, it’s an ideal combination for the budding and aspiring cook, for home entertainment or even a professional cook.

Prestige Grills have also thought of the future by providing the user with 8 additional O-rings in case any break. These are the silicone rings that let the plunger slide inside the barrel. It also has 3 different injection needles to choose from giving a great diversity to which marinades you can use.

“If you haven’t injected meats before you’re really missing out,” said James Backus from Prestige Grills. “It’s a wonderful experience tasting barbecued meat that has had a marinade injection. Once you try meat injection and taste the difference, you will never roast a brisket, BBQ a chicken or baste a Turkey without one ever again!” he said.

And it’s not only for meat James explained. “Of course, you can inject vegetables as well. Try a lovely tasty marinade. Think about using a garlic and herb mix and injecting this into eggplants/aubergines, or zucchinis. It makes them taste far superior than just cooking them on their own.”

How about using the injector for sweets and pastries, he suggested? “YES! Sweets” he said. “Most people don’t think about this. Try warming up some chocolate, adding some vanilla and injecting this mixture into a plain croissant. Or a caramel sauce into come cupcakes or cakes. Or honey and vanilla mix into a biscuit.”

“For a little decadence, how about injecting strawberries with hot chocolate and eating straight away or putting in the fridge for later. Perfect for the kids.”

It doesn’t stop there. Adults can inject liqueurs into fruit and freeze them to eat naturally or add them to their favorite cocktails. “A perfect drink enhancer for any party. Really the list is endless; just apply your mind to how you might use it,” James said.

This Meat Injector Kit from Prestige Grills is sold exclusively on Amazon, so people can feel comfortable knowing their online transaction is safe, and delivery will be fast.

To order one on Amazon, use this link:

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