Finding Friends Online with Best Friend 4 Rent

Brand new friendship connection app and website brings people from all over the world together online when they’re forced to stay apart in real life.

Long before the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 struck, modern life had come between people and their ability to make friendships. Discovering like-minded people to share thoughts and feelings with was problematic, with loneliness as endemic as Coronavirus came to be.

Best Friend 4 Rent, a new mobile app and website, has been one of the more positive outcomes of 2020/2021 and aims to bring people together online. While the world can already count on thousands of apps to help people find love, a platform for people to make friendship connections was more elusive. Fuelled by founders own experience of loneliness and spurred into action by the harsh realities of the Covid-19 lockdown, founders, Jack Klicki and Agnes Klicka, have created an easy-to-use website and mobile app that can more easily bring people together.

According to Jack and Agnes, “A true friendship can last a lifetime, but it can be increasingly difficult in modern times to find the right person for us – how do you get to know someone?” Hence, they designed and launched a website and app that lets people of the world come together “no matter their background, race, age or disability”.

Offering the flexibility of meeting virtually during Covid-19 restrictions or in person if Covid-safe to do so, the app is giving millions of people all over the world hope and a place that they can find a best friend. The Best Friend 4 Rent’s powerful search engine lets users find their friend by creating a set of preferences, likes, dislikes and interests.

As well as people who want to find a friend, Best Friend 4 Rent offers those who find making friendships easily the opportunity to make new friends and some income at the same time. The app is free to download and it is also free to sign up. Best Friends can accrue money by offering Friend Coins at a set value, depending on audio chat or video chat.

Agnes Klicka, co-founder of Best Friend 4 Rent, said, “This new app and new website is the first step in the fight back against loneliness. While the world has never been more connected, it’s also full of very lonely people who are suffering great damage to their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem simply because they have no one person that they can turn to in the world; that they know they can count on and that will be there to listen to them at the end of a hard day. Some people find it really easy to make friends and the app and website lets them turn this into an income. This makes sure that both sides of the friendship coin can work at a relationship until it gains its own momentum and an enduring and true connection is made.”

Company details: Best Website Service Ltd, International House, 12 Constance Street, London,  E16 2DQ.

To know more about Best Friend 4 Rent, contact General Manager, Agnes Klicka at, telephone number: 0044 7399 124 540.

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About Best Friend 4 Rent Mobile App

The BestFriend4Rent Mobile App offers users the opportunity to either sign up as a Best Friend and make some money through chatting online to people, or a user may sign up with option to find best friend.

It is free to open an account and the platform offers people opportunity where they can form new friendship connections. People can meet and chat via their online video or audio.

Best Friend can set up a free account where they charge for their time in blocks of one-minute. These are called Friend Coins and the Friend Coin value in the app is set at £0.10. Users can purchase up to 500 coins in one go to spend on buying time with a Best Friend online. Transaction history and their current Friend Coin balance can be viewed in the Wallet.

About Best Friend 4 Rent Website was created to empower people to take back control from one of the greatest threats to human happiness in the 21st century – loneliness. Simply open an account as a Best Friend for Rent or as a Member. This is a unique platform that has been designed and built to help people find a long-lasting and authentic friendship online.

Best Friends can set their hourly rate for their time, either in person or via online video chat. Time is charged out in Friend Coins, at the rate of one Friend Coin per minute. Best Friends decide how much they set their Friend Coin tariff at.

For those looking for a Best Friend, simply open an account or and search for a Best Friend. Users can then find – for a small fee – a Best Friend that shares their interests and experiences. Subscription plans give members full access to the Best Friend 4 Rent data, or members who do not subscribe can simply chat online.

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