#FluxLife: Empowering People to Live Their Best Life

FluxCredit™ delivers a fresh approach to managing debt, money, credit for over 60% of Americans who languish in debt.

Ventura, CA – FluxCredit™, Inc. introduces #FluxLife to empower people to live their best life by reinventing their financial future. Aligning with athletes and influencers to help empower others, #FluxLife is a unique approach that gives people the ability to successfully achieve financial freedom.

Trenton Scott, one of the newest rookies for the LA Chargers, is a former student of Grambling State University. He was recently featured as part of the #FluxLife movement as he prepared to move from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

Travis Siflinger is the Brand Technology Officer for FluxCredit™. He explains, “We all live an active lifestyle and are excited to team up with athletes in the NFL and many other sporting organizations that are living the Flux lifestyle.”

FluxCredit™ is renowned for helping people with its “fresh start” solution. It is an alternative to bankruptcy and all-inclusive in scope. Designed for today’s technology empowered consumer, it offers the ability to eliminate debts, monitor and perfect credit, and even provides attorney representation and tax defense, where required.

People who embrace #FluxLife can better manage their money and eliminate debt(s) while also perfecting their credit. Plus, they receive cashback towards a Visa secured credit card. This gives people the ability to live the lifestyle they deserve. Travel, going to sporting events and concerts, affording a new car, and buying things for family and loved ones, can now be a reality for people who had once lost hope.

“Look at it this way,” Siflinger says, “The economy dealt a lot of people bad cards and it was hard to find jobs, pay off mortgages, and live the American dream. Over 60% of Americans are in-debt. Now, as things improve, it’s more important than ever to get back in the game. The first step is having strong credit to flex your buying power.”

There are limited options when facing debt burdens. People can do nothing and pay excessive interest in an attempt to maintain good credit. They can take out another high-interest loan to pay off current debt(s), but that simply shifts the problem from one creditor to another. Bankruptcy is only a last resort; it is complicated and stays on a credit report for seven to ten years.

FluxCredit™ is a solution that breaks traditional notions about living with debt. It is considered the number one choice for many Americans who are ready to live life on their terms. For more information, visit the FluxCredit website and follow the #FluxLife movement on Instagram @FluxCredit1.

About Flux Credit

FluxCredit™ is a financial technology company halfway between Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, in Ventura, California. We offer a BBB-accredited online bankruptcy alternative that provides an all-inclusive “fresh start“ solution. Clients entrust FluxCredit™ to eliminate debts and perfect their credit, as they earn cashback toward a VISA secured credit card. For more information, visit the FluxCredit website.

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