FUNDX now listed on PROBIT

As of November 28, 2020, Funder One/FUNDX is pleased to announce they are now listed on the ProBit crypto exchange.  This is another historical move for the company and its coin, showing their investors/members they are making the necessary steps, to change the mortgage business model for the better.

ProBitis an exchange based in South Korea, which was launched in 2018.  It is the fastest exchange in the market, being able to handle 1.5M transactions per second.  Their daily trade volume exceeds 600 million.  They provide global coin-to-coin exchange and takes pride in its security of its users and wallets, by using HTTPS (SSL), cold wallets, and custodial wallets.  They provide instant authentication and access to your account without the worry of being hacked.  Their platform is designed to offer its users convenience and easy accessibility with its fully customizable interface.  Conducting trades is seamless and in real-time, making it very user-friendly for those with experience and new to the crypto market.  They also provide 24/7 customer service in multiple languages.  There are more than 150 currencies that can be exchanged on their platform and its own IEO Launchpad, where you can invest in new blockchain startups.  This exchange has excellent performance with low trading fees and some mid-tier volumes.

Now that Funder One/FUNDX is listed on this top 30 exchange, they are continuing to grow awareness and show their value in the crypto market.  It is also a great place for their members to begin the process of owning property.  This starts with putting 10% of the property value in their crypto wallet.  Funder One can then assist in closing the transaction by tokenizing the property, creating liquidity, and eliminating the debt.  Once the transaction is closed, a member will still have the 10% in their wallet.  This can be held with the expectation the coins value will increase dramatically, which can in turn, be used for their retirement.  The coins value will increase, since it is backed by real assets, being property.  Unlike other cryptocurrency only is being backed by technology.  The more homes closed through Funder One’s business model, the more the value of FUNDX will increase.  A member will only have to pay a membership fee for five years in order to own the home debt free.  After five years, all equity will be available to the home owner.

FUNDX can now be purchased, not only on ProBit, but also on P2PB2B and Binance Dex.  With these listings, Funder One is continuing to grow their business and the value of its cryptocurrency.  These trading platforms only provide more traction into the already growing demand for FUNDX and it liquidity.  With their true peer to peer transaction, it will not only benefit its investors/members, but change the mortgage business forever.


Company- Coinonx

Name- Matthew

Phone- 5108333290


Country- United States