THE 6TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL GO DIAPER FREE WEEK: APRIL 22-28, CHALLENGES PARENTS TO STOP USING DIAPERS FOR JUST A WEEK.Directly following Earth Day, Go Diaper Free Week educates parents about Elimination Communication (EC), the natural alternative to full-time diapers and delayed toilet training… helping babies get out of diapers by 12-18 months. Parents can also learn how to toilet train their toddlers, without harming them, at 18 months+.

ASHEVILLE, NC – APR 24, 2018 – Go Diaper Free Week, April 22-28, is an international celebration of the possibilities that exist beyond disposable diapers and delayed toilet training. A series of activities and special events featuring Elimination Communication (EC) expert and author Andrea Olson is designed to teach parents about this environmentally-friendly way to potty infants and toddlers, starting as early as birth, instead of relying full-time on diapers.

“Currently, we landfill more than 27.4 billion diapers each year in the US alone, none of which have ever biodegraded. EC is a centuries-old alternative that can change this,” says Andrea Olson, author and EC expert. “By embracing EC, parents can break their dependency on diapers and give babies back their dignity.”

Go Diaper Free Week events and activities include:

The Go Diaper Free Challenge – Parents-to-be and new parents across the globe can take a step toward diaper independence by signing up to receive five daily going-diaper-free challenges.

Live Classes — Two diaper-free classes will be streamed live. A class for parents with children 0-18 months is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 11:00 am EST / 8:00 pm ESTand for parents with children over 18 months on Thursday, April 26, 11:00 am EST / 8:00pm EST.

Facebook Live Q&A with Andrea Olson — Andrea Olson will answer questions about EC and how to go diaper free on Monday, April 23, 11:00 am EST on Facebook Live.

Visit www.facebook.com/godiaperfree to access the Live Q&A.

Prize Giveaways — Books, Tiny Undies, Tiny Trainers, split pants, puddle pads and other items for infant potty training will be raffled at the end of the week to 8 winners.

Photo Contest — Post pottying photos or videos throughout the week on Instagram with the hashtag #GoDiaperFree. A winner will be chosen on April 28 to receive the Go Diaper Free Week grand prize, a package of items to make starting EC seamless.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/3du12gD-iaU

About Elimination Communication

Elimination communication (EC) is a practice in which a caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant’s need to eliminate waste in a hygienic manner. EC is a natural transition to diaper independence for babies 0-18 months old and is based on the pottying practices of parents and babies before the age of disposables, invented in 1961.

With EC, the diaper is treated as a tool (a “back-up”) instead of a full-time toilet. Babies’ instincts for cleanliness assist parents in the process of putting their babies’ waste in the proper receptacle.

Parents often save over 50% of the cost of diapers (an average of $1500 per child) and usually avoid distressful toilet training. Babies often develop language, independence, self-esteem, and mobility at earlier ages. Most EC’d babies are out of daytime diapers by 12-18 months old.

A traditional form of EC is currently practiced in over 50% of the world where children are toilet independent by 12 months old, contrasted to the US’ current potty training average of 36 months (which has doubled since disposable diapers were invented 60 years ago). EC is not considered potty training and can help parents avoid the training experience altogether.

With increasing scientific evidence that delayed toilet training is harmful to children’s health, more parents are turning to Elimination Communication to make their babies’ health a priority.

About Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson, author of Go Diaper Free, The Tiny Potty Training Book, the Tiny Potty board book, and the Night Potty board book, is an internationally-known EC expert. She is the owner of godiaperfree.com, where she is a pioneer in helping mothers and fathers worldwide regain their “potty wisdom” with any age child or baby. Olson has helped tens of thousands of parents worldwide begin, maintain, troubleshoot, and graduate EC with babies 0-18 months. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and lives in Asheville with her husband and four children (all ECed from birth, all out of diapers around one year old).

Information about Go Diaper Free Week is available at godiaperfree.com/week, where visitors can: find a schedule of events, enroll in free EC classes, join the five-day Go Diaper Free Challenge, enter prize giveaways, and download the Go Diaper Free Week Facebook badge for use April 22-28.

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