Havensight Capital Launches World’s First Antimatter Based Cryptocurrency, Amcoin, At Antimattercoin.Io

AMCoin has been officially launched, the first cryptocurrency based on antimatter. The ERC721 tokens are exclusively available at antimattercoin.io. Antimatter is currently the scarcest resource on earth, and AMCoin seeks to supplant Bitcoin as the foremost used cryptocurrency in the World. The ERC721 tokens are priced an initial offering price of U.S. $249 each, and discerning investors, can use, both, Ethereum, and U.S. Dollars to purchase the precious tokens. Also, Antimatter Coin is a finite set of tokens, and only a limited amount will ever be minted.

AMCoin was founded by Havensight Capital L.L.C. and is based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Further, Havensight Capital is a pre-eminent Private Equity Firm, and operates modern consumer companies, such as: coffeeostrich.com, indiamobilewarehouse.com, stthomasfc.com, jadeitejewelystore.com, and mongomobile.com, in addition to antimattercoin.io. It is suspected that AMCoin will be accepted by these businesses in the proximate future, while additional internet properties continue to adopt AMCoin, as the cryptocurrency expeditiously becomes traded across the World. 5G unlimited plans should be available for purchase for six months, with a single token. Announcements around licensing of antimatter, and AMCoin developments, will be posted periodically on antimattercoin.io and Investors, should continue to visit the site for updates. 

All are invited to join a worldwide movement, which focuses on the capitalization of environmentally responsible renewals, as science continues to excel in antimatter research. We also hope to champion freedom, choice, and diversification, with this launch cryptocurrency, at antimattercoin.io. Purchase AMCoin at antimattercoin.io.

Media Contact
Company Name: Havensight Capital L.L.C.
Contact Person: Benjamin Woodhouse
Email: Send Email
Phone: 805 709 1995
Country: United States
Website: www.antimattercoin.io