Holographic AR is 2019 Top High School Summer Camp Choice at Bay Area

SILICON VALLEY, California-With the coming of summer, many high schoolers are choosing Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) summer camps to learn and to create their own 3D movie, 3D game, Interactive news report, interactive comic, and/or AI empowered applications while gaining multi-disciplinary skills in science, engineering, technology, art, design, visual communication, and public speaking. Some students are even planning to turn their Holographic AR projects into a portfolio as a mean to stand out on college applications.

Lee struggled academically in her early years of high school and was even held back a grade but taking charge of her life she strove to gain academic success. Given the opportunity, she created a Holographic AR video resume to tell admission officers how she had failed, struggled, fought, and risen through her high school experience. A high-quality video resume would have cost her $50,000 or more, but with Holographic AR it cost next to nothing in time and money. She was admitted to the Univ. of California, Berkeley. It was her spirit for fighting for a better future, her hard work and dedication as well as her later academic achievements that won the hearts of the admission officers. Holographic AR made it possible for her to engage with admission officers emotionally and helped them better understand her story and empathize with what she had gone through in her life.

Integem’s curriculum is specially designed for all computer skill levels, from zero experience to advanced level. Dr. Eliza Du, CEO of Integem said, “because we understand that some high schoolers may not know how to program at all, while some may have already taken AP computer courses. All students learn at their own pace, and with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8 they are guaranteed to receive good attention to be successful. We have put a lot of design effort into our curriculum to make sure that every student can succeed. We enable every student to program, design, and innovate with Holographic AR.”

Integem also designed a variety of camps to fit different students’ strengths and pursuits. When asked about what Holographic AR programs would be good for high school students, Dr. Du said, “it would depend on each student’s interest.”

For students who love engineering and science, the “AI Engineer: Intelligent Holographic AR Program” program would be a great choice. Holographic AR makes it easier to understand the abstract match concepts in AI and also helps to turn AR experiences to solving real-life problems. Students will learn about data sets, probability and statistics theories, and use AI algorithms to create an evolving intelligent AR application that responds to users. All these traditional abstract theories now become vivid and understandable characters, objects and actions in Holographic AR.

Love games? Join the 3D interactive game design camp, where gamers can create their own interactive Holographic AR 3D game. Games become an immersive experience where no controller or headset is necessary, use your hand and body to manipulate your environment and win.

For students who love film/youtube/movie/art, the interactive 3D movie camp would be the choice. Traditionally, it would cost millions of dollars with a big team to create a 3D movie. Now, students can do it themselves. Moreover, students will be some of the first in the world to create immersive 3D Holographic AR movies with dynamic plots that change based on viewers’ choices. Students will learn basic video editing techniques as well as art composition strategizes so as to fully immerse users in their vibrant storylines.

Passionate about drawing? “Interactive Holographic AR comic Design Program” can help students to turn their own arts into integrated and interactive characters and background for their own personal story or game. What would be more fun than playing with characters you designed, drew, and created?

Want to be a reporter? “Broadcasting in Holographic AR” can be quite special. Students can now create their own interactive Holographic AR news studio and report news in multiple-sensory and multiple dimension beyond what current technology can do.

Holographic AR is a new kind of media that provides students great opportunity to be a pioneer in AI, Movie, Game design, digital art, and news reporting, etc.

So, what is Holographic Augmented Reality? Holographic AR enables users to be taken from the real world and placed in a computer-generated reality. Users can then interact with this reality through a variety of hand movements, facial expressions, and voice commands.

Previously, only a few high school students had the chance to learn Holographic AR in Cupertino. However, in 2019, after collaborating with International Augmented Reality Education Foundation (a non-profit organization), Integem now offers Holographic AR programs to more high school students in several locations in the bay area.

Instead of “talking” about their ideas on paper, students now can show their creative ideas into tangible products/services in Holographic AR. Traditionally, it would take a team of professionally trained engineers and artists working together for months, even years to create a simple Holographic AR experience. Now the Holographic AR programming language iCreator allows people to turn their own ideas quickly into Holographic AR in mere days.

Most importantly, with Integem specially designed curriculum, high school students can learn Holographic AR from scratch to advanced level in weeks. Alice, from Fremont Christian High School, commented, “I liked the way the software was introduced to us, starting with simple projects and gradually becoming more complicated. I felt like I really understood after only a few days of experience”.

Learning the Holographic AR technology enables high school students to innovate and pioneer in their interested fields, which are key for their future success. Integem camps are dynamic and diverse, and perfect for students who would like to pursue a variety of interests and skills.

Find out more info at Integem’s Holographic AR summer camp website: camp.integem.com

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