iBlowDryers is Finally Living Up to its Hype

With more than 1000 satisfied customers worldwide, this revolutionary new hair dryer is all set to disrupt the hair styling industry!

Los Angeles, CA, United States – October 27, 2018 – Anyone who’s used iBlowDryer knows why it is superior to the standard traditional blow dryers available in the market. With two different styles to choose from, the futuristic-looking iBlowDryer brushes are designed to deliver both the power of a dryer and volume of a styler. Packed with innovative new features like built in air vents, heat level control, and cooling option, the iBlowDryers allow users to achieve salon styled hair in a matter of just few minutes.

Available in two different designs, namely “The Original iBlowDryer Curl Brush” and “The Original iBlowDryer Straight Brush”, the unique brushes have been designed for smoothing hair and creating volume. Enhanced with tufted bristles and nylon pins, the brushes also feature three different heating levels and a cooling option. The products are safe to use and have a lightweight feeling.

According to company’s spokesperson, Ryan Carroll: “Both of our iBlowDryers have unique air vents built into the brushes. Simply plug it in, select your heat, and brush your hair as normal. Watch as your hair becomes dry, soft, smooth, and volumizedUnlike Conventional Hair Dryers, This Volumizer Can Be Placed Closer To The Scalp For Lift.”

While the features and design are new, the creators of iBlowDryers have made sure to keep the prices low, and make it affordable for everybody. Moreover, for domestic orders, the shipping is 100% free. They even have a 30 day money back guarantee. “The Original iBlowDryer Curl Brush” is available for $54.99, and “The Original iBlowDryer Straight Brush” has also been priced at $54.99.

For more information, visit: https://iblowdryer.com/

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