Identity Theft Expert Gives Away Free Copies of his New Book

Katy, TX – April 13, 2018 – To create awareness about identity theft, Certified Identity Protection Advisor® (CIPA), Byron Hugley, announced that he’s giving away copies of his New Book, “Stealing You: The Dark Side of Identity Theft and How You Can Protect Yourself!” The author’s goal is to reach 10 million Americans with his valuable information to help people protect themselves from identity thieves.

“It’s not a matter of if your information will be compromised, it’s a matter of when and how often,” said Hugley.

The author has undergone intensive training and has extensive experience in the field of identity theft risk assessment, identification and resolution. In his new book, Hugley reveals the most dangerous and insidious types of identity theft that often go undetected and most people are unaware of since it doesn’t affect their credit report or financial accounts. Hugley explains to readers in graphic detail what ID thieves are really after.

“Stealing You” provides readers with 68 essential tips to assist them in keeping their data safe and provides a launching point for productive dialog about the increasing problem of identity theft. Individuals will find real-life stories about ordinary people that have experienced ID theft, the different forms it can take and the impact it has on victims.

“Data breaches are like giving identity thieves a master key to everyone’s front door,” said Hugley.

Major data breaches have occurred at companies ranging from Equifax, Under Armor, Orbitz and Sony to Sears, Target, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Facebook. The breaches have affected the accounts of billions of people and the minimal precautions that most individuals take are completely inadequate. “Stealing You” is an inside look at the methods that thieves utilize to steal identities and compromise personal information.

“Identity theft is like cancer and prevention is the best form of medicine,” said Hugley

The release of Hugley’s free eBook, “Stealing You: The Dark Side of Identity Theft and How You Can Protect Yourself!” is essential for anyone who values their personal information. The professional ID theft expert provides readers with little-known information about identity theft, what type of information ID thieves really want, what happens to the data after it’s been compromised, and the impact it has on the lives of victims.

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