Innovative Smarter-Seal Lids Protect Against Spills and Insects

Aug. 21, 2018 – William Battaglia, founder ofSmarter-Seal, has solved the spill, hygiene and loss of fizz problems associated with canned beverages.  His unique new patent pending lids fit over the entire top of any beverage can to eliminate spills, contamination, and can even be used with a straw.  For a limited time, consumers can use promotional code CANLIDS1 to obtain 10 percent off their purchase.

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The innovative Smarter-Seal lids work equally well on all types of beverage cans ranging from juice and soda to tea and beer.  The lids are available on Amazon in multiple sized packs to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  They’re offered in clear plastic and an array of colors that’s especially beneficial for designating specific cans in multiple-child households.

The lids are created from FDA-approved plastic, contain no BPAs, and they’re reusable and recyclable.  The design is slim, lightweight and highly portable for use at home, work and travel. They easily fit in the glove box of any car or recreational vehicle, a backpack when hiking or camping, or a suitcase when traveling.  They’re equally appropriate at backyard barbeques and cookouts, tailgating and sporting events, and at the beach.

An open can has the potential for contamination from insects, a particular concern for those with allergies.  Smarter-Seal prevents bees and other pesky insects from entering the can.  Completely hygienic, the lids cover the entire top of the can to block entry of bugs and bacteria.

Spills are always a potential problem with an open can, especially in moving vehicles.  The Smarter-Seal fits securely over the container top to prevent spills at home or in vehicles that can ruin upholstery, garments and furniture.

Smarter-Seal also remedies the problem of soft drinks that go flat.  It’s easy to save a partial can of any carbonated drink for later consumption.  Independent lab testing demonstrated that beverages retained their fizz for up to 58 percent longer with Smarter-Seal.

The patent-pending beverage can protector by Smarter-Seal is an innovative approach for one of the most commonly used items – canned beverages.  The Smarter-Seal lid works on any can to preserve health, maintain hygiene, prevent spills, and ultimately save money.

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About Smarter-Seal

Smarter-Seal was born after its creator and founder, William Battaglia, observed a stranger wiping off the top of his beverage can with his T-shirt before drinking directly from the can. His initial thought was “that’s disgusting” and “there had to be a better way.”  Smarter-Seal is a patent-pending, inexpensive and simple solution to the unsanitary and inconvenient problems that occur when drinking from a beverage can.  The lids allow consumers to keep their beverage cans clean and sanitary on the go, at home and at work, while enabling them to save their favorite beverages to enjoy later.

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