Introducing New Breakthrough Photocatalytic Coating that Quickly ERADICATES Air Pollution Around It

Create healthier living environment and cleaner air at home for less than $399!

Las Vegas, NV, USA – October 12, 2018 – MACOMA, LLC is proud to introduce a unique, sustainable, multi-functional nanotechnology material that actually purifies air. The product is a positive impact in the economy, health and environment. It’s called FN® Coating – short for “Fresh Nature Coating,” and when applied to the walls of a room, it helps purify the air, making an immediate and noticeable difference for anyone who enters the space. Airborne pathogens like bacteria are killed immediately upon contact with any surface covered by FN® Coating.

Pollution is no longer a problem that only affects some people. And it’s not something that only scientists need to worry about, either.

Today, pollution – especially air pollution – is a problem that’s worldwide and affects each and every one of us.

Chemicals in the air run the spectrum from sulphur to pollen, even bacteria and dust… and each of these are inhaled by people on a daily basis. Air Pollution like this are bad for everyone, and they’re especially dangerous for vulnerable members of population, like pregnant women, people with asthma, the elderly, and more.

So it’s not surprising that as new buildings are constructed, it’s quite common to see that more and more often individuals are looking for ways to help reduce air pollution. Finally, homeowners can take matters into their own hands – because the solution to air pollution is here in the form of “Fresh Nature Coating”.

According to company’s spokesperson, Ezekiel Martin: “We’re incredibly excited about the potential of FN® Coating, and are energized by the stories our customers share with us about how FN Coating has changed their lives!”

Here’s a recent testimonial from a father who recently tried FN® Coating in his home in a last-ditch effort to help his son who was suffering from crippling allergies, even with the use of traditional HEPA purifiers at home.

“My name is Steve and I have been trying just about everything to get a handle on my son’s allergies and asthma in Las Vegas which is a very dry desert environment. He was suffering even in our home and the HEPA air purifiers just weren’t getting the job done. I was introduced to the FN® Coating through MACOMA. It was a simple application to put on through our home…and it has made a huge difference…there are no smells, my son can breathe, I can breathe. I am truly amazed on how well FN coating works and has improved my son’s overall quality of life in our home. This 2 is a game changer…and I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to use this amazing product”.

Just imagine… having a cleaner air in home, or school, or place of work. Reduced allergies, fewer inhaled pathogens, safer air for loved ones. It’s finally here, and it doesn’t require expensive machines, batteries, or filters.

“As sophisticated as the technology behind FN® Coating is, it’s shockingly easy to actually use. How easy? If you’ve ever dipped a brush in paint and spread it across a surface, you’ve already got all the expertise you need to apply FN Coating yourself. So if you’re ready to change your life by breathing cleaner air, it’s time to buy FN Coating.” Further commented Dr. Martin.“Get a container for yourself, check out our online resources, and apply it on your ceiling or wall today.”

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