Kamera Jr., the Internet Phenomenon that Reinvented the “Music Video”

Heralded as “the Rising Star of Rock Music” by MTV Hits, Invited 3 times at the Cannes Film Festival, the French artist blew up the boundaries between Music & Cinema on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram to worldwide acclaim.

December 18th, 2020 – Paris, France – Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Director, Screenwriter… 26-year-old Kamera Jr. (+350k followers on Facebook) does it all in his Music Videos/Remakes of Cinema’s biggest Films.

Toy Story, Fight Club, Men In Black, Love Actually, 8 Mile, Drive, Kill Bill, James Bond films, Horror films, Superhero films…Kamera Jr. dabbles in all styles & genres as he records Covers of the most beloved Soundtracks in Movie History, while also writing-directing-acting in a Music Video/Short Film that pays tribute to the Original Film.

His works struck a chord with Millenial Movie Fans all over the world, with topics ranging from “The 7 Rules to Talk to Girls after the #MeToo Movement” (Kamera Jr. Feat. Fight Club) to Climate Change (Kamera Jr. Feat. Apocalypse Now) to Feeling Lost at Work after Graduation (Kamera Jr. – Young Savior, over 1 Million Views on Facebook).

Currently working on transforming Movie Theaters into Rock Concert Venues for the post-Covid19 world, Kamera Jr. is not done surprising the world with his Innovations in the realm of Entertainment.

Kamera Jr. is a Parisian Singer-Songwriter/Filmmaker with over 350k followers paying tribute to the Best Movies of All Times & their beloved Soundtracks.

For More Information, Feel free to Contact Mr. Tal Abiker (tal.abiker@kamera-jr.com) or to contact on Social Media : Facebook : www.facebook.com/kamera.jr

Instagram : www.instagram.com/kamera_jr/

All of Kamera Jr.’s works are available on his Facebook profile.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kamera Jr.
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Country: France
Website: www.facebook.com/kamera.jr