Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Alarm Clock with Isochronic Sound Technology

Bangkok, Thailand – June 26, 2018 – Kridsakon Yaomanee, founder of Banala Life, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his unique new Banala alarm clock that not only wakes people up, it helps them quickly fall asleep utilizing isochronic sound technology.

“Banala is a patented bedside alarm clock integrated with isochronic sound technology that will give you the best sleep ever, every night,” said Yaomanee.

Isochronic sound utilizes beats of specific audio frequencies that are successful in training the brain – in the instance of the Banala alarm clock, they’re used to induce deep, restful sleep. The tones are appropriate for everyone.

The effectiveness of isochronic sound technology has been well-documented and is familiar to those in the medical community. Banala is seeking to raise $20,000 to place the clock into mass production for an estimated delivery of Nov. 2018.

Lack of sleep is a major health problem around the world that leads to poor productivity, stress that affects the mind and body, and is an element in many vehicle and workplace accidents. The body requires sleep each night to rebuild and repair itself. Lack of sleep contributes to mental fog and physical health problems.

The inability to quickly fall asleep and stay asleep is affected by brainwave activity that reflects stress and anxiety from work, family and other responsibilities. It can be difficult for some brains to settle down so individuals can feel drowsy, dreamy and relaxed. The new clock by Banala Life remedies that situation.

The Banala clock is easy to use and requires just one simple step. Individuals set the alarm for their desired wake up time and the clock’s Smart AI system automatically generates isochronic sound that plays during the entire sleep cycle.

Those that experience restful sleep throughout the night are able to lose weight and build muscle easier, have better cognitive abilities, are safer drivers, and experience more satisfying sex lives. They’re less likely to engage in substance abuse, are in a better mood and have fewer problems with depression.

Fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign for the patented Banala alarm clock will allow the unique device to go into production and begin shipping in Nov. 2018. Banala Life is offering a variety of rewards for those who contribute. Utilizing isochronic sound technology, the clocks will be helping individuals worldwide, even those with insomnia, obtain the deep, restful slumber they need for health, mental clarity and happiness.

About Banala Life

Kridsakon Yaomanee is the founder of Banala Life and the patented Banala alarm clock that utilizes isochronic sound technology. Yaomanee is the publisher of the IEEE paper “Brain Signal Detection Methodology for Attention Training Using Minimal EEG Channels.” Individuals can connect with Banala Life on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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