LoveSix claims that self-development method coaching is a false act

They provide an intrinsic change through internal correction!

Seoul, Jongro-gu, Korea – January 7, 2019 – LoveSix has launched a new personal development service that includes coaching to boost men’s a self-confidence, have a conversation, be social, eliminate their worries, and express their talent.  It is a service focused on innovation in a sector that has been declining since its exponential growth in the 90s.

“The self-development industry has lost the trust of the customer because of the failure of method coaching,” said LoveSix founder Guyselor. “A method coach is like an amateur acting coach – if want self-confidence, you act out a method that fits the character you’re trying to portray, but you have lost the opportunity to focus on your talents.”

LoveSix is focused on new techniques that will create fundamental change in the individual.

“Having a method is not essential,” Guyselor said. “We want to provide opportunities to focus on your talents and the characteristics that separate you from others.”

Guyselor has defined what he called “SPECTRUM,” an inner algorithm that determines how each individual reacts to outside stimulus.

“I compare our inner self to a factory,” Guyselor said. “Like any factory it receives inputs and then creates outputs, thoughts, feelings and impulses, based on our SPECTRUM algorithm.”

The LoveSix Model approaches seeks to train this SPECTRUM to create true, fundamental change.

“If we are shy, it’s not because God made us so,” Guyselor said. “It’s because that’s how are algorithm is configured.”

The LoveSix team is proud of the advanced program and customers have described the process as “inner plastic surgery.”

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