Luxury Marketing Agency & Strategic Consultancy Offers Insider Info to Newly Established Luxury Brands

Provides a Complimentary Social Media Audit to Those Placed on Exclusive Waiting List!

Valley Cottage, NY, United States – October 4, 2017 – Breakthrough Business Branding, a luxury marketing agency & strategic consultancy that focuses on helping premium and luxury brands dominate their space, announced today that newly established luxury brands who are placed on the company’s waiting list of clients, will receive a complimentary, high-end social media audit. This audit will be accompanied by detailed “behind the scenes” information on the marketing tactics and channels being used by relevant competitors. Combined, these two complimentary services provide the client with well over $3,000.00 value.

Will Blesch, the founder and CEO of Breakthrough Business Branding, noted that: “Those who buy luxury goods and services are talking about their favorite brands online. Thus, a luxury brand’s reputation in the luxury industry, how well they are recognized, and the level of respect they command, are all tied in to their social media relevance and the strength of your website’s copy. It’s also tied in to how well they are reaching their clients in comparison to their competitors. Maybe those brands are well-known, industry giants like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, Chanel, or Dior. Newly established luxury brands may not have reached the level where these players are their competitors yet. But maybe they soon will be. So, a brand’s messaging must be right. Moreover, when you understand that 75% of luxury shoppers use social media, if you don’t know where you stand in comparison to your competitors… you’re not playing smart, or playing to win.”

The two complimentary services mentioned above are not for all businesses. They are for premium and luxury brands exclusively. Breakthrough Business Branding has decided to reward those who request to be placed on its client waiting list by providing these two additional services as a “thank you,” when brands go from being a “potential client” to becoming a trusted partner, working together to further the brand’s marketing and PR goals.

“As always, our end game is helping our marketing partners achieve measurable increases in reputation, recognition, and respect. If you’re business lies within the luxury industry, you’re invited to come learn about us and then submit a request to be added to our waiting list.” – Will Blesch

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Breakthrough Business Branding is a luxury marketing agency & strategic consultancy fueled by the fires of creativity. Excellence. Bravery. Results.

“We don’t believe in being held down or being held back. We believe in the freedom to provide our clients with an amazing experience they’ll be raving about to their peers. Through creative agility, commercial focus, continual resourcefulness, and a deep cultural awareness, we generate ideas that shatter expectations. We believe in inspiring and empowering those who work with us, and in so doing, creating long-term relationships.” – Will Blesch

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