Maonocaster E2 Audio Interface, the Wonderful Choice for Podcasting and Streaming


Are you a streamer, podcaster, or aspire to become one? To start your career in streaming and podcasting, you need an audio interface, either a compact desktop one or a big size one. It will work as a mediator between your devices.

Many audio interfaces are available in the market for podcasting or streaming purposes. These audio interfaces can have higher to lower prices. But for beginners, the Maonocaster E2 will be a great choice. It is the upgraded version of the present Maonocaster Lite. Being quite experienced in developing the podcast studio, Maono has garnered positive reviews from customers. 

Worth the Price

While Rodecaster Pro provides you with fantastic features for 599 USD, Maonocaster E2 also has beneficial features for less than 200 USD. Following are some of the features that make it the wonderful audio interface for streaming and podcasting. 

Compact Desktop Podcast Studio

You can connect different devices used for podcasting, streaming, or recording to the rich interfaces of Maonocaster E2.For example, input interfaces for 2 mics(1×3.5mm and 1xXLR), 3.5mm Aux-in for bringing background music, 6.5mm interface for instrument input.Also, there is a DC 5V charging port and a USB-C port for streaming to the computer, allowing you to stream or podcast outdoor at any time. In addition to this, you can also stream to 2 phones via the two live output ports. Therefore, you can stream to 3 devices simultaneously. Besides, you can monitor audio via 2×3.5mm monitor interfaces.

One feature of Maonocaster E2 that makes it different from its previous version Maonocaster Lite is that it comes with an XLR input interface. An XLR interface lets you connect the XLR mic. The Maonocaster E2 also has a 48V phantom power button which you can use to power the XLR mic.  

Audio Effects

Maonocaster E2 comes with 6 preset reverb effects like Studio, KTV, Church, Hall, Valley, Room. The reverb function gives depth to your voice. It also makes your voice sound richer. Reverb creates a space for your sound to make it engaging. There are 11 sound pads to import customized audio effects.

Ideal for Podcasters and Streamers

Whether you are a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or podcaster, Maonocaster E2 will serve all of these purposes well. It works efficiently with computers and other smart devices. Its compact size, effortless operation style, and neat features can save you from complicated settings so that you can focus on creating content.


With all of these ideal features, Maonocaster E2 will boost your podcasting and streaming career and is a great audio interface that will add fun to your content to attract your audience. 

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