MIT45 Boost Set to Break C-Store Sales Records for Kratom Related Products

Preorders of MIT45 Boost have skyrocketed to record numbers, and initial testing and sales put the new product on track for an explosive year.

July 22, 2022 – Salt Lake City, UT – The MIT45 hit new product, Boost, has been a runaway success to date. There have been record setting preorders from both customers and vendors who are ecstatic about the product. It is on track to be a new best-seller for the company and will be readily available in your favorite convenience stores.

For the past 3 years, MIT45 has solidified their reputation as the Gold Standard in the industry. They were recently named a Top 3 Innovative Company in 2022. They were recently recognized in LA Newswire for the excellent workplace culture developed over the previous couple of years and for leading the charge for the regulation of the industry.

After 6 months of development, testing, and refinement MIT45 Boost has been launched to the public. The most anticipated kratom product to be released in 2022 has led to a record setting number of pre-orders. There is currently a 6-month waiting list for vendors due to the high demand and volume of pre-orders largely built from the anticipation of the release from trade shows and related efforts. Manufacturing has been ramping up to meet the demand and to fill the increased distribution requirements.

MIT45 Boost has joined the long line of MIT45’s top kratom products in the industry. This product exceeds the high-quality standard the brand is known to maintain with almost no kratom taste (found in most products on the market) and consistently surpasses the highest quality levels in the industry (backed by 3rd party testing data). This low-cost kratom option will be readily available in convenience stores across the country.

According to the Lead of the Product Development Team, “The production of MIT45 Boost has been in the works for some time, and we are excited to announce that the hard work of our team has paid off after our customer base has been raving about our newest product. The enthusiasm from vendors has been exciting as well.”

MIT45 has maintained its position as one of the leading companies in the industry pushing the envelope for developing new top quality products. With the release of Boost, this legacy will continue to be preserved. MIT45 has proven once again why they have set the standard for kratom products.

You can learn more about MIT45 by going to MIT45. To learn about MIT45 wholesale opportunities and why it is the fastest-growing brand in convenience stores, go to

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