MIT45 Sales Team Achieves New Levels of Growth After Multiple Developments

The Sales Team of one of the top kratom companies surpasses new milestones shortly after the implementation of the digital sales card and more.

June 17, 2022 – Salt Lake City, UT- Over the past couple years MIT45 has transformed from a small company based out of Salt Lake City into a dominant company in the industry. They have surpassed new milestones and continued along their trajectory with the sales team passing new sales revenue. They are continuing along their path to dominating the kratom industry.

MIT45 is now known as the Gold Standard in the industry, and they were recently recognized in LA Newswire for the excellent corporate culture developed over the previous couple of years and for providing a work environment of inclusion and diversity that has improved the performance of the staff. They were also recently recognized as a Top 3 Innovator in 2022.

After multiple changes inside the sales team over the past 6 months, MIT45 has now grown past previous plateaus and continues to break new ground. After implementing new strategies, bringing in new personalities and finding new avenues of opportunities the team is on track to increase sales by more than 10%.

Recently the CEO, Ryan Niddel, spearheaded the push for change resulting in an innovation that will add 8-figures to the company. The sales division implemented digital sales cards to reach new levels of growth while also working smarter. The result of this innovation has been an improvement in efficiency by providing real-time updates on prices for vendors, helping them make informed decisions when placing orders, customizing the individual sales process to each vendor, and providing a tracking feature that provides details to help the team follow up with the potential customer.

One of the company’s early team members (and a sales leader) is expanding his role and helping to lead the team in new avenues. There is plenty of room for the sales department to continue growing in the foreseeable future with multiple new and expanded opportunities.

Additionally, MIT45 has begun investing further into industry events and tradeshows and has made additional improvements (including refined operations and sales tracking for event driven marketing and sales). The implementation of other promotional activity is also showing promise (including high-end raffles for vendors). Expansion with previous vendors will also in play a significant role in continuing to surpass sales milestones with multiple new products launching this quarter.

MIT45 has nurtured their culture of excellence over the years and through continued development has found ways to keep MIT45 on the right track. It appears there are no limits what this company taking over the kratom industry can achieve.

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