MIT45’s Rapid Rise in the Kratom World During the Pandemic

The company from Salt Lake City has quickly taken over the kratom industry during the previous two years quickly growing into a corporate powerhouse.

Nov 17, 2021 – Salt Lake City, UT – MIT45, a lifestyle brand that has had significant growth during the pandemic, is showcasing some of the talented staff that has helped make this a reality over the past 2 years. Slade Schmidt, the branding team’s project manager, has excelled in this role after starting at an entry-level position and quickly climbing the ranks at this fast-growing company that has become the gold standard in kratom capsules and kratom liquid extract, and was recently recognized as the benchmark in the industry for developing corporate culture.

The design and branding team has developed extensively during the previous 2 years, from a handful of designers being managed by the Chief Branding Officer, to growing into an 8-person team with advanced design flow, checks and balances, and design guidelines. This is just one of the reasons why MIT45 was recently awarded the “Best New Product for 2020”.

Mr. Schmidt, who has grown with MIT45 and progressed through multiple roles while becoming invaluable to the company, is currently project manager for brand development. MIT45 has been recognized in multiple publications (such as LA Newswire) for the excellence in corporate culture, award winning products, and much more.

Slade Schmidt recently had this to say about the evolution of MIT45…

“When I started at MIT45 we had simple problems like UPC duplication on multiple products. Fast forward several years and we’ve multiplied in size and revenue. Growing to the size we are now has taken significant effort across all departments and every member of staff.

Our secret to massive growth has been balance. You must balance the art and the science of an organization. We can build the best processes and systems in the world but if we have uninspired and unengaged people using those systems, then we’re out of balance. The same is true on the employee side, we can hire stellar employees but if we don’t have the necessary structures in place then we’re out of balance.

At MIT45, our trick is facilitating communication and collaboration between departments which wouldn’t usually talk with each other. We’ve discovered that the speed of intradepartmental communication is the overall speed of the business as a whole.”

This is just one area MIT45 is quickly accelerating into and taking over market share within the industry. With multiple highly experienced executives becoming a part of the team over the previous 2 years, the future is bright for those who are looking to partner with a powerhouse in the industry.

You can learn more about MIT45 by going to their website To learn about MIT45 wholesale opportunities and why it is the fastest growing brand in convenience stores contact MIT45 through their website.

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