New CPN File helping US consumers to get legal new credit files

Leading Finance company and New credit file provider, New CPN File, offering consumers in the United States a way to get a legal new credit file that is separate from their SSN profile.

New CPN File is a finance company that has made a name for itself in the finance industry, especially in the CPN / SCN niche. The company offers a wide range of services tailored to help consumers in the United States of America to get a legal new credit file at affordable rates, with fees starting from as low as $350.

One of the major aspects of the life of an average US consumer and resident is the credit file. With virtually all aspects of the consumer’s life somewhat linked to the credit life, it has become imperative for everyone to have an almost perfect credit file with a good credit score. Unfortunately, due to the different factors that affect the credit file and score, some individuals’ credit score have been marred. Consequently, such persons need new credit files to enable them to enjoy the inherent benefits of having a healthy file. This is where companies like New CPN File are particularly helpful.

New CPN File provides consumers with a new credit file as well as financing on that file, with their list of clients including many groups of wealthy individuals in the US. The company boasts of a 100% approval rate with different packages that include New CPN File & Tradelines, Professional CPN Profile, and the Luxury Portfolio. Each of the packages is unique and tailored to meet the needs of different individuals in the United States.

New CPN File also offers the À la carte Tradelines package for persons that already have a CPN / SCN or want to add a tradeline to their SSN. The company also offers $125,000 in business funding, a Complete 3 Bureau Credit Sweep – Credit Restoration as well as CPN software for those who would like to become brokers in the business.

The platform has recorded remarkable success since inception. Consequently, it has grown in popularity within clients across the United States.

About New CPN File

New CPN File was founded in 1982; eight years after the Privacy Act Law dictated that every American citizen was entitled to a new credit file CPN / SCN. The company provides a new credit file as well as financing on that file to the largest private group of individuals in the US, with a focus on the special financing needs of the CPN (Credit Privacy Number) SCN (Secondary Credit Number) industry.

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