New feature allows users to make sure a number is not blacklisted before they get it

It is recommended to verify a number when consumers buy or change their phone and make sure the number they are getting is not blacklisted in Reverd system. Blacklisted numbers are blocked on phones using the Reverd app!

Sheridan, WY, USA – November 13, 2018 –Scammers constantly change phone numbers they use to target people. Every day approximately 20,000 numbers are reported violating the national Do-Not-Call registry. Reverd users report new scam calls directly from their phones the moment they receive them. Thus, database of community reported harassing numbers is growing fast. Reported numbers are automatically blocked on phones using the free Reverd app. The question is:

How can a user make sure that the new number he received while buying a new phone is not blacklisted in Reverd database?

“We created a feature to verify a phone number and make sure the number is clean and has not been reported. It is available online at” – says Company’s Spokesperson, Mark McCoy.

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Why it is recommended to verify a phone number and what are the benefits of this feature: “Statistics show an unprecedented rise of scam calls. Scammers frequently change the numbers they use. Once a number is reported and entered into our community created global database it will remain blacklisted for a period of time to protect our users from unsolicited annoying calls and disturbances. Currently there are more than one million reported numbers in our database which is growing fast. Obviously, nobody wants one of these numbers to be assigned to their new phone because calls from the number will be automatically blocked (our system is very efficient in blocking unwanted calls)” – said CEO Mark McCoy. “Therefore, we are providing an opportunity for everyone to verify a phone number and make sure it is not blacklisted. There is no charge for the first three numbers being verified. After that a minimal symbolic charge applies. Our aim is to keep this service affordable and available for everyone.”

The Reverd automatic phone scam stopper evolved from a simple website to an efficient global system capable of automatically stopping annoying scam phone calls on both iOS and Android phones. It protects user phones automatically, regardless of geographical location or service provider.

Thousands of people around the world report harassing calls directly from their phones. The free Reverd app stops unwanted phone calls automatically and efficiently, reducing stress and anger. The Reverd automatic scam stopper app works everywhere: in the city, in the mountains, in the desert… Once installed, the app protects the phone even without Internet connection. It is different than any other app. It is intelligent and efficient.

Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Mark McCoy as provided below.

About is a global system to automatically stop unwanted harassing scam and robo-calls using crowd reporting and a lightweight free app. Users report new scam calls instantly from their phones creating large global user-built database. Reported scams are eliminated on phones using the Reverd app reducing stress and increasing productivity. This way everyone protects everybody.

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