New Natural Supplement Designed to Protect Kid’s Eyes from Blue Light Exposure with Macula Shielding Antioxidants + Visual & Brain Developing Nutrients

Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids Offers Inside Out Approach with Delicious Chocolate Chew.

Farmington Hills, Michigan – October 14, 2020  – Viteyes, a leading global eye health company, today announced the introduction of Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids, a nutritional supplement formulated with lutein and zeaxanthin, the only natural defense eyes have to protect the macula from the harmful effects of blue light that stem from digital screens such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, computers and even sunlight.

Digital screens emit blue light, a component of visible light that is not easily filtered by the eyes, negatively effecting eye and brain function. Before the Covid-pandemic, over 72% of children spent 2 or more hours on digital devices every day. This number has skyrocketed with virtual schooling. Overexposure to blue light can cause decreased attention span, poor behavior, eye strain, irritated eyes, poor sleeping habits, and even headaches. With overexposure to blue light starting at a young age, macular health may be negatively impacted throughout life. If reducing blue light exposure is not an option, protecting eye health is paramount for the developing eye at every stage of life.

Available in a delicious chocolate chew, Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids is formulated with lutein, zeaxanthin, and AstaReal Astaxanthin. Only 1 in 11 American kids are getting the necessary amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin in their diet, which include food sources such as eggs, broccoli, and dark leafy greens, like kale and spinach. Both ingredients act as powerful antioxidants to filter out blue light and also play a crucial role in visual development in the retina of the eye. Lutein is also found in the brain, depositing in the areas known for visual processing, comprehension, learning and memory. Staring at digital screens can also overwork the eyes causing digital eye strain. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant clinically proven to help eyes recover from eye strain and fatigue. It also helps keep eyes healthy by increasing blood flow to the eye. Astaxanthin is found in select seafood like shrimp and lobster, however the best source in food is salmon.

According to a study by the National Eye Institute, “children are more vulnerable than adults because their eyes absorb more blue light from digital devices. Exposure to blue light before bedtime can also  disrupt sleep patterns because it affects when our bodies create melatonin.” And with screentime for kids having increased by 500% during the pandemic, an inside out approach with Viteyes Blue Light Kids can be an effective method to help protect their eyes.

“For the past six months, children of all ages have experienced a dramatic increase in screen time, which may cause both short and long-term effects on eye health,” states Alison Gers, VP of Marketing at Vitamin Health. “Now with many children back-to-school with virtual learning, it’s important for parents to be aware of the effects of increased screentime and therefore blue light exposure. With our new Viteyes Blue Light Defender Kids (ages 4+) as well as our existing Viteyes Blue Light Defender gummies (ages 12- adult) and Viteyes Blue Light Defender Plus capsules (ages 12 – adult), we’re able to offer a natural defense against harmful blue light for almost all ages.”

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