New Ocular Surface Finding With The Tear Film Imager (TFI) Will Be Presented At The ARVO 2023 Annual Meeting

Dover, Delaware and Lod Israel/April 4, 2023/ AdOM Advanced Optical Technologies is a commercial stage ophthalmic, medical device company focused on developing and commercializing medical devices to help assess ocular surface diseases and other ophthalmic medical conditions. Today AdOM announces there will be three presentations related to the current commercialized Tear Film Imager (TFI) at this year’s 2023 ARVO conference from April 23rd to April 27th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Earnest N. Memorial Convention Center. 

As the TFI demonstrates improved utilization across the US and other global markets, it is important to have peer reviewed data accepted for presentation at such a prestigious and important ophthalmic meeting such as ARVO. The TFI is a medical device which can measure all sublayers of the tear film (muco aqueous and lipid layers) simultaneously and at nanometer resolution.  This innovative technology allows the clinician to assess the patients tear film layers with a 40 second per eye, noninvasive exam. Initial utilization of the TFI has been to assess the tear film layers for patients who are experiencing dry eye syndrome or other issues that can be associated with ocular surface disease.

The first poster presentation is on “The effects of artificial tears on the tear film using a novel, high-resolution tear film imager”; a pilot study to investigate the effects of different artificial tears on the sublayers of the tear film. No device has ever been able to assess the tear film layers at single nanometer resolution and have a quantitative assessment on what happens to the tear film when given various commercially available artificial tears. This will be presented by Dr. Gal Antman of New York Eye and Ear Hospital (NYEE) and his session presentation is as follows:

Presentation – Posterboard Number: 194 – B0335

Session Date/Times: April 23, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM

The second poster presentation with the TFI demonstrates the “Effect of contact lens wear on tear film dynamics of the ocular surface.” The objective of this study was to compare tear film parameters with and without a contact lens, utilizing the TFI as it is the only commercially available device which can dynamically image the muco-aqueous and lipid layer of the tear film. The presentation will be by Dr. Kelly Ann Acuna from the VA Medical Center, Miami, and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Presentation – Posterboard Number: 192-B0333

Session Date/Times: April 23, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM

The third poster presentation “Examining Tear Film Dynamics Using High Resolution Spectroscopy“ is based on 34 patients who underwent an ocular surface assessment examining their tear film dynamics by both the Tear film Imager (TFI) and customary methods. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare current methods of assessing Dry Eye Disease (DED) vs more novel state-of-the-art technologies such as the TFI to assess “signs” of DED. Current available tests do not capture all aspects of tear film status, thus novel instruments are needed. The TFI was used with these 34 patients and compared and correlated with traditional DED diagnostic tests. This abstract is also being presented and submitted by Dr. Kelly Acuna from the Miami VA and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Presentation – Posterboard Number: 4033-B0350

Session Date/Times: April 26 from 10:30 AM to 12:15 PM

Dr. John Abrams one of the founders of AdOM, states “We are pleased to have this data presented to the ophthalmic scientific community, along with strategic partners and possible investors on the clinical utility of the Tear Film Imager device. The company is transitioning from a research and development company to a commercial entity and having validated scientific data on the clinical value of this device can help lead to further commercial success.”

AdOM Advanced Optical Methods, obtained 510K exempt registration from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the Tear Film Imager (TFI) device in February 2021. The TFI  is an ophthalmic, non-invasive medical device which is designed to simultaneously measure the muco-aqueous and tear film sublayers of the eye, and at a resolution dept of a few nanometers.  The TFI is a non-invasive, 40 second exam (per eye), which provides clinicians with a comprehensive assessment on the health of the tear film sublayers; all of which play an important role in the identification and treatment of dry eye disease.

Dry Eye Disease is caused by a combination of decreased tear production and increased tear film evaporation. It is considered a world-wide challenge due to an aging population, routine performance of refractive (laser) surgeries, and the extensive us of contact lenses. Approximately 60% of secondary office visits are a result of dry eye. It is estimated that globally there are ~337 million people suffering from Dry Eye Disease and this represents a medical treatment market of over $4.5B USD.

AdOM is actively seeking investment capital to further commercialize the TFI to Cornea Specialists across the United States.  There is a need for clinicians to assess all sub layers of the tear film in one, simple non-invasive 40 second test. This technology could greatly enhance the assessment of dry eye disease potentially help in monitoring treatment response. Cornea and dry eye specialists are seeking a technology that can simultaneously measure the muco-aqueous layer and lipid layers, irrespective of how frequently a patient blinks. This TFI technology not only meets this criteria, but also can measure these layers at depths of single nanometer resolution.

About AdOM Advanced Optical Methods 

AdOM is a development and commercial stage ophthalmic medical device company which uses hyperspectral technology to measure the dynamics of the tear film inner structures.  Founded in 2008 and led by a team of scientists, AdOM’s science driven approach led to the identification of advances in hyperspectral technology, and the use of this application in diseases of the eye. The TFI is the first device to be registered with the FDA and the company is focused on seeking regulatory authorization in other countries. For additional information about the company, please visit


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