New Range Of Innovative Vidalux Showers Now Available For 2019

Poshh is happy to announce that it has expanded its bathroom range and that the latest Vidalux showers are now available. Vidalux has grown from small beginnings to become one of the UK’s most popular manufacturers of hydrotherapy showers and steam showers and has become known for its commitment to continual innovation.

Over the years, Vidalux has largely concentrated on improving the functionality of the showers it offers, this latest range, however, focuses primarily on the aesthetic aspect. In recognition that there is more to classic, neutral sophistication than just white, all Vidalux showers are now available in a choice of white, black or mirror glass.

As Andy Ellis, spokesperson for Poshh commented: “It’s understandable that over recent years, manufacturers have largely stuck to white appliances. Coloured appliances still have very 1980s associations and even if you’re going for a very 1980s vibe now, you may want to change it up in future without going to the expense of updating your appliances when they’re still in complete working order. Even if you’re fully committed to that 1980s look, you may decide that you want or need to sell your home and prospective buyers may not share your taste. White bathroom suites therefore became the option of choice because they have a high degree of future proofing. Like that classic white t shirt, they never go out of style. At the same time, however, there are other options for achieving that timelessly elegant look so it’s good to see Vidalux is now offering all it’s showers in black and mirror glass for customers who want something a bit different, but which still has design longevity.”

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It’s also worth remembering that people who buy shower cabins, such as the ones sold by Vidalux, have more options when it comes to creating and updating their bathroom décor. Self-contained shower cabins trap water within their walls, so home owners are spared the expense of tiling and the hassle of maintaining tiles. Instead, they are free to use standard wall coverings such as paint and wallpaper, which are much easier and more affordable to update.

Speaking of updates, Vidalux has also made a change to its shower trays, which now come with slatted wood inserts in the shower trays plus a matching stool as standard. Both of these changes improve functionality and safety even further as well as adding a touch of style.

As Andrew Ellis said “We’ve seen shower manufacturers offer people a choice between flip-style “cabin seats” and shower stools, but overall we think the public seem to prefer shower stools, so we’re happy that Vidalux are now supplying them as standard with all new showers. Our take on this is that people increasingly want multifunctional furniture and high-quality shower stools fit in with this ethos very nicely, since you can use them for seating outside the shower (or indeed outside the bathroom) or even use them as surfaces, for example when guests come round and you could use an extra side table.”

It’s clear that Andrew Ellis is very excited and optimistic about the developments in this area. As he puts it: “For many people their home has become a place to rest and recharge and this is particularly true of their bathroom, which has gone from being a purely functional room to being a private home spa. We’re eager to be a part of this and to give people what they need to create the bathroom, and home, of their dreams, at a price they can afford. This is why we’re very happy to be the premier retailer for Vidalux, who are known for quality, innovation and customer service and hence a natural fit for us.”

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