NewswireNEXT Named Best Press Release Distribution Company of 2017 on IBM

July 31, 2017, Scottsdale, AZ, USA- NewswireNEXT has been recognized as the best press release distribution company of 2017 with maximum media pickup on IBM Blog. At a time when most of the press release services focus only on syndicated feeds, NewswireNEXT has gone a step further to guarantee organic placements too (Earned Media) on top-notch business publications and broadcast media websites.

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It’s not too often that a new company finds mention in IBM, but then NewswireNEXT is no ordinary press release distribution firm. It’s an innovative press release company that has introduced new concepts and features that have revolutionized press release industry. With brand new features like Free White Label Press Release Distribution, Organic Top Tier Placements (MSNBC & PBS), Mobile Optimized Press Release (Google AMP, Apple News & Facebook Instant Articles) and Organic PR Outreach (Niche Blogs/Business Publications), NewswireNEXT is a firm that has succeeded in taking press release marketing to a whole new level.

Press releases have always been a crucial part of content marketing strategy. Without a press release it’s quite hard to get a media coverage. However, with NewswireNEXT, one can rest assured that his company news is syndicated and published on major online news and media sites on timely manner. Moreover, when compared to other top press release distribution services, it’s the only firm that delivers maximum media pickup, optimizes press release for mobile platforms, and guarantees organic placements.

According to AKSHAT THAPA, Founder & CEO of NewswireNEXT: “As a press release firm, our primary objective is to provide maximum publicity to our clients (online news sites, mobile platforms, news aggregators, blogs, search engines and social media), and help them get organically featured on reputable online business and media publications. We are a traditional press release company that implements modern PR strategies to ensure maximum ROI for clients.”

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NewswireNEXT is a press release distribution company that was founded on the principal of offering modern PR services at reasonable rates to businesses and agencies.