Nissim Fadida’s Insights on Covid-19’s Impact on the Moving Industry

The President of Moishe’s Moving speaks on the pandemic’s impact on the moving industry.

New York City – Moishe’s Moving Systems, an NYC-based Moving Systems company and its President, Nissim Fadida, has recently released some interesting insights into the state of the moving industry and the direct impact that COVID-19 has had.

He comments that “[The COVID-19] pandemic has impacted the entire Moving Industry. Moving companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver and cut costs. There is a lot of stress on the whole industry and movers in particular.”

This is due to many factors. However, one of the main reasons is that movers are now faced with soaring costs within the industry.

Not only are gas prices increasing substantially, but Nissim has pointed out that finding reliable movers at an affordable rate is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers.

This is directly impacted by the rising costs in gas prices and the challenges related to the recruitment and retention of truck drivers who are willing and able to work given the extreme supply chain disruption and increases in traffic around the country.

Nissim states, “We used to have a line outside of our office with individuals seeking job opportunities, and unfortunately, we haven’t seen that since the pandemic began”

In the New York City and Jersey City areas, Nissim has noted that there has been an uptick in moving needs as more people are looking to take advantage of the market and any discounts that may be available. However, Nissim also noted that there has been a substantial increase in long-distance jobs leaving NYC:

Nissim notes that there has been an “Increase of 50% in Long distance jobs leaving NYC. Approximately 25% to FL area, 20% to CA and the west coast and 5% to South Central (Texas).”

So, what’s the overall conclusion? While there is still a high need for movers and storage options, there simply aren’t enough reputable moving companies within the industry to satisfy the demand. We are seeing the impact of this in the prices of storage and moving companies struggling to compete against the discount rates offered by the big storage, warehouse and big box retail companies.

Nissim concluded that “The market has changed significantly since the pandemic first started. The market itself has changed. The market is doing well; however, some challenges may put a damper on the whole moving industry. These challenges will be ongoing as a result of the pandemic, and it is up to the industry to overcome these challenges to continue to offer high-quality moving services for consumers.”

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