Florida fitness manufacturer poised for explosive growth.

TAMPA, FL – Sep 18, 2019 – Refusing to outsource work to China, local fitness manufacturer PecSculptorTM emboldens other businesses by their success.

PecSculptorTM began selling their PecSculptor Chest Training System earlier in the summer before the new Chinese tariffs were in place, and insists that American companies can still compete with foreign imports by delivering top quality products. “People still like quality, and want to know that we are keeping jobs in America,” said company president J. Vincent Scallon, an aerospace scientist specializing in human performance in extreme environments.

When asked about the transition from the aerospace industry to the fitness world Scallon says “In some ways it’s a lot easier, because you don’t have to worry about a faulty spacesuit design leading to a potential catastrophe, but on the other hand, you have to worry about getting your message out to people that have already been burned on cheap fitness gimmicks.” Scallon’s solution is to promote the product himself and to keep the company American; given his results so far, we wouldn’t bet against him. 

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PecSculptorTM  is an American fitness equipment manufacturer located in Tampa Florida that brings over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry into the fitness world. Its flagship product is the PecSculptor Chest Training System; an affordable way to bring the benefits of large expensive pieces of gym equipment into the household in the form of a device that is small enough to be carried in a briefcase.

The PecSculptor Chest Training System can be found at

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