Project POMA’s first completed projects, start of beta testing and new partnerships

Delaware – May 24, 2018 – Big names in the industry expected a turbulent week with the Consensus event, many predicting an altcoin rally based on trends from previous years. Reality showed hardly any movement at all, proving again that the Crypto atmosphere remains unpredictable and that past results don’t give any guarantees for the future.

To Project POMA it is clear that other issues are affecting the market. We believe the entire market is becoming more mature and less driven by hype and news reports. This is a good development and an indicator that bigger organizations are looking seriously at blockchain adoption.

As indicated in the previous press release of 14 May 2018, this press release gives an update on Project POMA’s first completed projects & start of beta testing.

POMA Blockchain:

This is an exciting week for the entire Project POMA team. Testnet alpha is launching at the end of this week for internal use and for testing applications from Project POMA and its partners.

Coldition Energy & Cooling Systems BV:

Project POMA official partners with Coldition Energy & Cooling Systems BV in the Netherlands.

Coldition BV uses blockchain technology to offer energy in packages called Coldition Energy Blocks (CEBs) to the blockchain network. The self-learning system calculates in real time the most cost-effective usage of the energy and decides by means of artificial intelligence (AI) to either deliver the generated energy to the network or use it itself.

The Coldition blockchain network will be driven by Coldition tokens [CLDT] launched on the POMA Blockchain.

Details on token distribution will be announced mid June 2018. The private presale will start on July 1, 2018 and is by invitation only.

POMA Academy:

Project POMA is opening the pre-registration of POMA Academy to people who want to participate in the e-learning project.

The project focuses on providing valuable online marketing knowledge to participating people and companies. This knowledge enables them to develop strategic marketing tools to generate more revenue. People can thus “create their own jobs” and which can efficiently strengthen the local economy and provide local companies with increased revenue in a very short time. These tools can be used in practically all levels of society worldwide.

The platform offers opportunities for intensive cooperation with local companies, schools, government authorities and benefits agencies, enabling fast communication, costs can be significantly reduced and results can be measured very quickly.

Interested people can request information via and registration is possible via

Turnkey Payment System:

Project POMAs latest developments have been pegged to the POMA Payment Gateway and the Turnkey Payment Systems. As of this press release the test network is active and the systems are being tested with Project POMA’s and partner’s systems.


POMApages allows people, companies, and freelancers all over the world to truly adopt cryptocurrency. In addition to its global business directory, POMApages also offers space for a global cryptocurrency commercial platform with the following services:

– The best travel deals and sun holidays

– Restaurant and hotel deals

– Car rental worldwide

– Global webshop with consumer goods from laptops to sports articles

Affiliate program:

An affiliate program has been set up which makes it possible to promote the activities, services and products of Project POMA.

Registration on the affiliate program will be possible starting 1 June 2018 via the platform

Other press release to follow:

Press release: POMACOIN specifications & distribution schedule

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