Pulsar Star Announces Launch of Groundbreaking Tool That Delivers Advertising to Business Passersby

Finding new ways to encourage potential customers to enter shops can mean the difference between business failure and success. In that spirit Pulsar Star are happy to introduce a smart new solution to drive local interest, through an innovative use of IoT technology.

October 31, 2017- Small businesses, offices and storefronts are often at a great disadvantage when it comes to advertising when compared to large chains and corporate powerhouses. This makes thinking outside the box to get customers or clients through the doors, excited and willing to spend money a must. The new company Pulsar Star can help. Pulsar Star recently announced the launch of their new advertising tool, which when setup in a store or office front sends out messages detailing offers and other sales to any passerby who have an Android smartphone or tablet. Representing a cost effective way to get the word out to potential local customers, excitement surrounding the new release is high and rising.

“Pulsar Star was born out of my frustration to offer small business a solution to advertise locally to people efficiently and profitably,” commented Moses Lopez, founder and CEO of the company. “It was important to us that business owners could make it work without any training, so we designed it in such a way that is easy to make it work, even if they are not computer savvy! With one App and two pushes of a button you’re up and running.”

According to Pulsar Star, the new solution is ideal for the great many businesses who see hundreds of people pass their front door everyday, but are having difficulty or don’t possess the budget to attract them in more traditional ways. By sending a notification to their trusted Android device, intrigue is potentially created and a quick decision is all it takes to bring them inside to explore more. Businesses that have been quick to embrace Pulsar Star include brick and mortar spaces like restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, clothing boutiques and sporting good stores, along with freelancers and service providers like plumbers, electricians, web designers and marketing firms to name just a few. There’s very few businesses who couldn’t benefit by drawing in more, interested, foot traffic.

Pulsar Star provide a quick and easy quiz that can help a business owner see if the breakthrough business tool is appropriate for their own advertising and marketing needs.

The device is available in three different sizes: Pulsar Star Light, Pulsar Star ST and Pulsar Star Pro, all with different ranges and designed to help individual businesses reach out to customers in the most appropriate and effective way.

For more information be sure to visit https://www.pulsarstarsolution.com.

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