Rick Justus Challenges Leaders to Prioritize their People’s Abundance Wellbeing and Engagement

As the world’s first and only total abundance wellbeing and engagement solution, King & Justus Abundance Day is on a mission to make every human and organization abundant.

Part of Rick Justus’s iconic King & Justus Group, King & Justus Abundance Day works with all seven organizational types – family, education, business & non-profit, religion, government, media, arts & entertainment – to create a total abundance wellbeing advantage.

King & Justus Abundance Day’s total abundance wellbeing solution improves the wellbeing of every person in your organization and equips and empowers your people to achieve abundance every day.

Co-Founder, Monique Justus, says, “Our total abundance wellbeing solution was engineered and designed to help employees create daily habits, routines, and rituals that improve their abundance wellbeing and maximize their engagement.”

Rick and Monique Justus are known globally as the preeminent creators of abundant economies. Their message is clear: Prioritize your organization’s total wellbeing and full engagement for abundance. No matter where your people are on their total abundance wellbeing and engagement journey, King & Justus Abundance Day empowers and engages your entire team to achieve the next level of abundance at work and in life.

The bottom line? Empowered, healthier, higher contributing, joyful, and more abundant organizations in dramatically less time.

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