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Choosing a trading platform has a major impact in one’s path in the trading world, and therefore, it’s a choice that should be taken seriously. Because Q8 Trade is fully aware that the trading experience varies from person to person, Q8 Trade offers an effective educational tool for traders, whether they’re beginners or experienced: the Q8 Trade Demo account. The Q8 Trade demo account mirrors the live trading account in a 100% risk-free trading environment: with Q8 Trade’s demo account one will sharpen his trading skills, without risking his own capital. It’s the smartest way to start trading right by having a safe environment to build and practice trading strategies, while developing tactics that will help one achieve and live the concept of financial freedom later.

Regardless of one’s level of experience, a new trader can start trading on the Demo account provided by Q8 Trade, as learning is essential for every trader. Such tool gives traders the opportunity to turn a high-risk environment into a fully risk-controlled environment, which will later reflect on their real trading. By setting and trying their strategies, their trading will be more calculated and enjoyable rather than arbitrary.

With the Q8 Trade demo account, the new trader will:

1. Refine his trading skills through his own personalized training course.

2. Learn to use the risk management tools necessary for building the best strategies.

3. Find out how technical and fundamental analysis affects the trading methodology.

4. Practice interacting with the high-paced financial markets by recognizing his trader’s personality.

5. Build an optimal trading strategy by enhancing his ability to adapt, control and avoid mistakes.

6. Obtain a self-assessment of the validity and feasibility of his financial goals and objectives within a reasonable time frame.

7. Get additional benefits such as educational webinars and customer service testing.

The demo account reflects Q8 Trade’s commitment to ensuring that its customers acquire the education necessary for smart investments. In fact, Q8 Trade’s demo account is one of the largest and most important educational tools offered but most importantly the optimal tool to build, practice and shape your own trading strategies, so you can meet your financial goals 100% risk-free.

About Q8 Trade:

Q8 Trade is an online brokerage services, regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) under Company national number 200173579 through Al Manara Capital Co. Ltd who is authorized to use the Q8 Trade trademark by the parent company that owns the trademark and/or its subsidiaries. Q8 Trade has received international recognition for its credibility by Finance Derivative with the ‘Most Trusted Trading Platform MENA 2019’ award.

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