Shopalu LLC is expanding its operations by increasing the amount of available shipping locations throughout the USA

Buying from US-based traders, including those that do not ship to certain countries, have been made easier now. Shopalu is offering a platform where customers can use a US-based shipping address. With Shopalu’s compliance with tax laws in each state and the necessary logistics expertise, customers are able to avail of the lowest shipping costs possible.

“We proudly serve customers from the US and from other countries around the globe, helping them to receive mails and parcels at a single address, thereby cutting international shipping costs,” said Gregory Richard, the company’s representative, while announcing the expansion of their operations.

To provide customers with a better experience, the company is expanding its network of remote shipping agents. With this option, the company spokesperson says that they will offer better and cheaper options for the customers. The company acts as a go-between, connecting customers with business which international shipping doesn’t offer, thereby charging high costs to ship products to the customer’s home country. To do this, the company partners with a team of dedicated network of agents and ordinary people spread in different parts of United States. With this partnership, the company representative says they are able to give customized services without the hassle and without adding extra cost.

“We take great pride in providing our valued clients with a US mailing address to help them buy from US retailers and receive US correspondence,” said Gregory while explaining how the platform works.

How it works

The customer registers in the Shopalu site and gets a shipping address in the United States. The address is what will be used when a customer buys goods from a US-based trader. Apart from the address, the customer gets an account which can be used to access the delivery manager program, a platform that will help in tracking parcels and organizing shipping to the customer’s home country.

Once a purchase has been made, the shipping address given by Shopalu is entered, allowing the sending of goods. According to the company representative, customers can send several goods to the address and then merge them before shipping. This, as explained by the representative, helps save time. Shopalu is also providing its customers with assistance in shopping, where an assistant can make the purchase on behalf of the customer.

Using the Shopalu shipping manager account, customers can organize the delivery of goods to the physical location. The company cooperates with major shipping companies and through merging several items into one package, a customer can save up to eighty percent of the shipping cost.

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About Shopalu

Shopalu is a platform offering customers all over the world to buy items in United States and at lower prices and sell them in their own country. With this platform, customers can send their products anywhere in the world using a US address.

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