Star Gems launches Textmechat, a better platform for independent jewelers

ATLANTA – Star Gems’ new platform Textmechat helps independent retail jewelers interact with their customers more easily and economically than ever before.

Textmechat’s all-in-one inbox for communicating with clients takes texting to a new level, surpassing even the more costly options. “Retailers are switching to Textmechat because they can achieve the same thing, and more, for a lower price,” says Star Gems President and CEO Anish Desai. While other platforms charge more than $300 per month, Textmechat costs only $75, plus a one-time setup fee of $100.

“We had built a platform of two-way texting in our Custom Studio app, so we pulled it out and made it a stand-alone platform,” Desai says. “We have that ability to build a platform specifically for independent retail jewelers. Textmechat offers a significant savings for retailers, and that’s the main reason they’re switching.”

A widget on the retailer’s website allows customers to communicate with the retailer instantly and directly. Likewise, the retailer can reach out to a customer with immediate information, photos and news of sales or upcoming events. Along with the lower price, group messaging sets Textmechat apart from earlier platforms that don’t offer the speedy tool. Subscribers can categorize their communications, tailoring their messages to specific groups.

Textmechat’s inbox stores everything safely; all communication from different channels is managed in the single inbox, eliminating missed calls and miscommunication. Textmechat organizes contact lists, messages, past inquiries and order status via a fast, easy-to-use dashboard. The platform includes a link to the retailer’s Google Reviews page; request a 5-star review, and the link makes it easy for happy customers to tap one in.

Just a few comments from retailers already using Textmechat: “We love it. It does everything Podium does and more for a lot less money” … “I love the program. I got 5 new reviews in less than a week” … “It’s been exactly what we need at a fraction of the price of some other options.”

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