Stephanie Graham and the GoToGirls to Publicly Endorse MIT45 Boost

The woman known as the Shopologist has made a strong announcement about MIT45’s newest product.

Stephanie “The Shopologist” Graham, the woman known for turning shopping into a lucrative career, has chosen to publicly endorse MIT45s latest product known as MIT45 Boost after her focus group achieved stunning results from product testing. This is another endorsement for MIT45 and their kratom products in an effort to positively impact millions of lives across the world.

As the founder of ‘Ask the Shopologist’, Stephanie Graham has built a small army of powerful women ready to take on the world. She is the co-author of the best-selling book Love Your Haters, she is a Zig Ziglar certified trainer who has shared the stage with dignitaries (including past presidents and world-renowned leaders) and other notables such as Tim Draper, John McAfee, Saransh Sharma, Eric Worre, Marie Diamond and many more. Mrs. Graham has been featured on multiple podcasts including the “Finding a Genius” podcast and is also co-founder of Cardio Crypto.

Recently Mrs. Graham held a focus group with her GoToGirls members (selected from her 300,000 community of female leaders and entrepreneurs) to test and provide feedback for MIT45’s latest product MIT45 Boost. After months of testing with a wide variety of women from different walks of life, the results have been nothing short of astounding according to Stephanie Graham. There was overwhelmingly positive feedback across multiple categories from the focus group.

After 6 months of development, testing, and refinement MIT45 Boost has been launched to the public and is the most anticipated kratom product of 2022. This has led to a record-setting number of pre-orders with a 6-month waiting list for vendors from the anticipation of the release from trade shows and related efforts. Manufacturing has been ramping up to meet the demand and to fill the increased distribution requirements.

Stephanie Graham had this to say about the results the women in her focus group achieved, “The feedback from MIT45 Boost was unbelievably life changing. I had doctors who used it and couldn’t believe their results. I had people who had bone pain get relief, and others who had taken prescription pain medications for surgeries (Hydrocodone and OxyContin) and ran into massive pain after their prescription ended. They used Boost to relieve some of the pain and said it was a Godsend. There was someone who loved they could intermittently use MIT45 products to reduce their anxiety and help them leave the house.”

She then transitioned to discussing MIT45’s values as well as why she believes so strongly in this company, “As I got to know the team at MIT45 I was more and more impressed with the company. It starts at the top and the executive team has integrity, they have a heart, and they live for helping others and want to help further peoples’ dreams.”

Moving forward, The Shopologist is officially endorsing the MIT45 brand and MIT45Go (the first kratom gel in the world) and MIT45 Boost (a kratom extract product available at convenience stores) designed to give people a “boost” when desired.

The miracle plant from southeast Asia commonly referred to as kratom has been stacking up major wins over the past couple of years. This adds another story of how kratom is changing lives for the better and is helping people from all walks of life live a more fulfilled and improved daily experience.

To learn more about Stephanie “The Shopologist” Graham go to her website at You can learn more about MIT45 boost by going to their website at

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