Tan Delta Systems launches online Web Store

Tan Delta Systems, a manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems, has launched its online Web Store, meaning that customers in India, Asia and elsewhere around the world can now order Tan Delta technology at the click of a mouse. India has some well publicised climate challenges and Tan Delta can help Indian customers immediately, in the shape of new technology that can reduce oil usage by up to 50%. The new online store can be found at: https://tandeltasystems.myshopify.com/   

Tan Delta technology is proven to increase oil change intervals by up to 100% in a multitude of applications from mining to shipping, energy to automotive, food processing to utilities. It helps reduce customers’ carbon footprint and operating costs, while providing real time predictive maintenance data which reduces both costly downtime and a historical reliance on lab tests.

At an iron ore mine in Brazil, for example, Tan Delta’s OQSx-G2 sensors were fitted to the gearboxes, engines, and hydraulic systems of 36 rock crushers, excavators and mining trucks. Oil consumption was reduced by almost 20%, saving over £295,000; meanwhile, equipment failure rate was reduced by over 80%. At another Tan Delta installation in a biogas plant in Europe, the oil savings were even more impressive at over 50% reduction in oil usage. Indian customers can order Tan Delta’s easy-to-install technology online, and be fully up and running in just a few days – saving money immediately, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Tan Delta is disrupting many sectors with the launch of its innovative SENSE-2 technology. The new oil condition monitoring kit provides real-time molecular-level data about engine oil quality – reducing ongoing oil usage by up to a half, optimising maintenance, reducing dependency on lab testing and significantly reducing operating costs.

Chris Greenwood, CEO at Tan Delta Systems said: “Our SENSE-2 real-time monitoring monitors and detects minute oil composition changes at a molecular level and offers predictive maintenance data, making our overall solution unique. It can be fitted easily and efficiently to any existing equipment in any application and is configurable to any oil type. Our technology has been proven to deliver a return on investment in just a few months. For customers in India and Asia who want to start the new year saving oil, saving money and improving their ESG performance, help is now at hand in just a few clicks.”      

The SENSE-2 is plug-and-play and accurately identifies when oil reaches the end of its life, superseding traditional time-based maintenance schedules which can result in oil being discarded prematurely with the potential of wasting up to 50 per cent of its useful life. Visit www.tandeltasystems.com

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