The ‘Boost Bike’ Custom Motorcycle to be Given Away at CHAMPS Tradeshow in Las Vegas July 26-29

2022 Honda Rebel 300

MIT45 will be raffling off the new custom motorcycle during the tradeshow – but with limited free tickets it is a good idea to submit entry prior to the show.

June 22, 2022 – Las Vegas, NV – MIT45, the dominant kratom company pulling out of the pandemic, has announced they will give away a custom motorcycle at the CHAMPS tradeshow July 26-29 this summer.  This is the largest tradeshow for the smoke shop industry in the United States and is an opportunity for vendors to access all their favorite products in a one-stop-shop as many companies will be participating in this year’s event.  MIT45 will have an exhibition booth at this expo to display their most sought-after kratom products, along with the giveaway that is creating a buzz in the industry.

For the past 3 years, MIT45 has solidified their reputation as the Gold Standard in the industry. They were recently named a Top 3 Innovative Company in 2022. They were recently recognized in LA Newswire for the excellent workplace culture developed over the previous couple of years and for leading the charge for the regulation of the industry.

MIT45 will be setting up a booth at the CHAMPS tradeshow and will be raffling off their new custom cycle. They’re running this giveaway to help give back to vendors and share the success. Anyone can enter by being at the show and filling out the form and putting it in the raffle box at the MIT45 booth. You can find the booth ahead of time by going to CHAMPS website and looking at the floor map for the event.

Additionally, it is possible to submit an entry prior to the show by reaching out to the promo team (link at the end) and guaranteeing entry in what is likely to max out all available tickets the first day of the show. There is no cost for the raffle entry and limited to one per person.

MIT45 is known for producing the purest kratom extracts and will be displaying their top products. The hit new product, MIT45 Boost, will be available for vendors to get on the waiting list. MITGo, the first kratom gel, will also be on display. These premium kratom products will be available for retailers and have an opportunity to learn about the monetization strategies to maximize revenue.

The sales team has been overwhelmed with the demand of these new products and have been working hard to fill orders. The department lead stated, “The new products are amazing, and we’ve already seen a massive demand from customers and now vendors as it has been a race to get it on their shelves. We are looking forward to helping more vendors have success while at the CHAMPS July tradeshow.”

The marketing team has been excited as they put together this project and see it coming together. One of the project managers for MIT45, Slade Schmidt, had this to say, “The cycle has transitioned from normal to a piece of art. We’re already getting people wondering how they can enter the raffle and we haven’t even leaked the photos yet.”

The Champs Tradeshow in Las Vegas is one of the top events for the smoke shop industry, and July’s event is looking to be even better than ever. Be sure to stop by the MIT45 booth and learn how to take part in what is shaping up to be the top selling products in the industry this year while registering for the raffle.

You can learn more about MIT45 by going to To learn about early entry for the raffle contact for the details.


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