The Mommy Guilt Expert Offers Advice on Surviving the Holidays

Atara Malach Gives Simple Strategies for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving!

New York, New York – November 22, 2019 – The Mommy Guilt expert, Atara Malach, is offering busy moms tips on how to not only survive but thrive the upcoming Holiday season. While working mothers are already stressed upwards of 40% more than their childless co-workers, the Holidays create additional pressures, especially in this “Pinterest Perfect” world.

Malach’s signature system for turning Mommy Guilt into Mommy Gold is Guidelines for Parenting Success System (GPS), offering busy mothers a roadmap to successfully navigate motherhood and career. Her innovative approach uses the basic rules of the road to recognize common communication and behavioral pitfalls, offering strategies to effectively manage obstacles. Simple to learn and even easier to implement.

“Part of what makes holiday season so stressful is that we are constantly being bombarded by messages warning us about the dreadful results of pressured parenting,” explains Malach. ”Well, being a stress survivor myself, I beg to differ. LIFE HAPPENS. We stress.  We scream. We threaten. We feel guilty. We apologize. We promise ourselves it won’t happen again. We stress.”

“And you know what?” she continues. “Kids get it; they are intuitive, resourceful, resilient and have endless opportunities to practice dealing with… us!  Not exactly a perfect parenting roadmap, but definitely allowing them to test drive over rough roads. When you realize that an unintended result of these hectic days is that your kids can learn what not to do, as well as to discover their coping skills, you will realize that you are more than fulfilling your parental responsibilities.  Now isn’t that a reason to celebrate?”

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Atara Malach is the founder of the Parenting University, a psychotherapist, Certified Professional Coach practicing internationally for over 30 years and the author of the best-selling book A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom. Blending her professional expertise with real-life experience as a working mom raising six children, she has developed a proven parenting system (GPS). Atara spearheaded using Mommy Guilt as a roadmap to parenting and career success, which has empowered women worldwide.

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