The Rapidly Shifting Culture at MIT45 and How it Spurred Innovation

The CEO of MIT45, Ryan Niddel, has been instrumental in modifying the company culture during the past year.

May 19, 2022 – Salt Lake City, UT- Over the past couple years MIT45 has accomplished something few companies ever achieve, a shift in culture from startup to a corporate environment. This is currently reflected in the continued growth of sales and the growth of teams in multiple departments while improving collaboration and team success. Mr. Niddel has played a significant role in revamping the company culture for the next stage of development helping to solidify their position as one of the leading kratom companies in the industry.

MIT45 has grown into a well-known lifestyle brand, particularly over the last 2 years, and is now recognized as the Gold Standard in the industry. Recently they were recognized in LA Newswire for the excellent corporate culture developed over the previous couple of years and for providing a work environment of inclusion and diversity that has improved the performance of the staff.

Mr. Niddel has a proven track record in helping companies maximize their full potential through increasing earnings, and now he can add developing a corporate culture to his list of successes. His reforms can be felt in every aspect of the company, helping to create an inclusive work environment, a healthy work-life balance, and an opportunity for growth for the employees through mentorship programs. He has further created a productive environment where every employee has an equal chance to grow.

Modifications that have helped to adapt the culture include adding a more diverse workforce (culturally and through differing work experience), the implementation of performance incentives tied with OKRs, and the implementation (and adherence) to workplace rules and guidelines to ensure enforcement of appropriate norms and behaviors are followed.

There has been a significant increase in the impact of corporate culture in the business world over the past decade with a shift to a higher priority of work/life balance. This has been amplified by the pandemic as many people have re-evaluated their relationship with companies while being intertwined with shifting income opportunities millennials have experienced over the past 5 years. Multiple corporate behemoths have (or come to the brink of) collapse by not transitioning their culture in time. Uber required the removal of startup founder Travis Kalanick to successfully transition into the company known today, and WeWork never made the transition.

As Ryan Niddel stated, “The founders did an amazing job of growing the company to an incredible level of revenue and maturity. After getting to know them both a bit better, they agreed they needed a little help taking the business to the next level due to the complexity required. Because of the great relationship we had, I was able to implement some improvements in a few different areas.

When I became involved in the company, they were beginning to transition out of the startup phase and the culture needed to be updated to reflect these changes. We began by adding corporate executives with more than 30 years in a fortune 500 environment, who brought the professionalism and experience to help instill the expectations and ethics of a corporate environment.

We then updated and added to the company values to ensure a positive work environment. We also added to the personal development and career progressions already in place to help further improve work/life balance as well as helping employees continue their growth and progression (professionally) during their tenure.”

MIT45 has nurtured their culture of excellence over the years and Ryan Niddel, through his innovations and modifications to the company culture, has helped keep MIT45 on the right track. It appears there are no limits what this company taking over the kratom industry can achieve.

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